What Is Washi Tape and What Can You Use It For?

If you’re like the majority of people, you haven’t heard of washi tape. When that occurs, you are curious as to what it is and how you may use it. Japanese rice paper is the source of the adhesive paper tape known as “washi tape.” It is a popular choice for DIY and creative projects because it is available in a variety of colors and designs.

We will go over several uses for it in this blog post!

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Washi Tape: What Is It?

A sort of masking tape manufactured from rice paper is called washi tape. Due to its thinness and fragility, it is perfect for scrapbooking and gift wrapping. You can choose the ideal washi tape pattern to go with your project because it comes in a variety of colors and designs.

Let’s say you want to jazz up your planner or add a splash of color to your bullet journal. Washi tape is the ideal fix in that situation. There are many things you can do using washi tape, such as:

  • Gift-wrapping
  • Decorators’ schedulers
  • Making artistic endeavors
  • Bullet journaling

If you’ve never used washi tape before, start with a straightforward pattern in a light hue. Once you’ve mastered its use, you can experiment with other patterns and hues. Before starting your next project, take a look at our assortment of washi tape!

Here are some other suggestions for uses for washi tape.

Install Washi Tape As Wall Art.

Any space in your house can benefit from the color and pattern that washi tape brings! Even better, it’s simple to set up and take down. As a result, you are free to alter your mind at any moment.

Here are several ideas for using washi tape as wall decor:

  • Choose a central focus. Start by identifying a focal point in the space, which could be a window, a door, or a piece of furniture.
  • Create a design plan. Choose the design you wish to make after you have identified your focus point. Which do you prefer, symmetry or asymmetry? Organic or geometric?
  • Choose your color scheme. Choose the colors and designs of washi tape that you like best.
  • Attach it. Place your washi tape in your desired design on the wall to begin. Don’t worry if you make a mistake. Remove it, then begin again.

Love your brand-new wall decor! Remain back and awe your craftsmanship.

So why are you still waiting? Start using washi tape for decorating today and use your imagination!

Decorate Photo Frames With Washi Tape

Go no farther than washi tape if you’re searching for a quick and original way to add individuality to your home decor! This affordable Japanese import may be found in any craft store.

Decorating photo frames with washi tape is one of our favorite uses for it. Washi tape can be used to make polka dots, geometric patterns, or even stripes. There are countless options!

What you’ll need is as follows:

-Washi tape in a variety of hues and designs


-An area that is tidy and dry

Choose the frame you wish to decorate first.

Then, choose the design you want to produce.

If you want a striped appearance, measure and cut washi tape strips to the appropriate length. Instead of cutting the strips, tear them for a more random appearance.

It’s time to wrap the frame in washi tape now! The first step is to remove the tape’s backing and adhere it to the frame. Make sure it’s secure by applying light pressure.

Till the entire frame is covered, carry on in this manner. For a polished appearance, you can even wrap the washi tape over the frame’s edges.

Now take a step back and enjoy your effort! So enjoy yourselves and be inventive!

Using Washi Tape To Create A Bookmark

Because it is attractive and practical, washi tape makes a great bookmark material. Washi tape comes in a variety of hues, designs, and widths. In order to match your style, you can quickly personalize your bookmark.

Attach washi tape to the top corner of a page to use it as a bookmark.

Allowing space for your thumb, fold the tape over the top of the paper.

Trim any extra tape at this point.

Your bookmarks will have much more individuality if you use washi tape! Also, it’s a fun opportunity to play with various hues and patterns. So feel free to be imaginative when making your washi tape bookmarks!

Make A Pencil Prettier With Washi Tape.

One of those arts and crafts supplies, washi tape may be used to embellish virtually anything. Today, we’ll demonstrate how to use washi tape to transform a basic pencil into a work of beauty.

You may complete this task in a matter of minutes. The fact that you can personalize your pencil to fit your preferences is the finest part.

What you’ll need is as follows:


-Washi tape


-Ruler (optional) (optional)

Choose the design you want for your pencil first.

Next, gather the necessary materials.

Then, extend a strip of washi tape just past the length of your pencil.

Be cautious to align the edges of the tape as you wrap it around the pencil.

To make a design, use a second piece of tape, or completely cover the pencil in one color.

To achieve a more professional appearance, cut the extra tape with a ruler.

I’m done now! A beautiful pencil that stands out from the crowd was made by you! To all of your pals, flaunt your new masterpiece.

Washi Tape As A Homemade Bunting Banner

With the design, you have creative freedom. We made use of some patterned washi tape we already had. Yet using solid colors or making patterns with various tape widths is simple. Tape strips should be cut, then strung together using ribbon or thread. I’m done now!

Our bunting was hung indoors, but you could also use it outside for a gathering or BBQ. Wrap around a bookshelf or mantel. This project is quick and simple to complete and is very adaptable. Test it out!

Use Washi Tape To Create Interest On Your Laptop.

Your lifeblood is your laptop. It contains all of your important files and you carry it everywhere. So why not add some washi tape to liven things up a little? This Japanese paper tape is available in a wide range of vibrant patterns and colors.

To start, consider these three concepts:

-Add a border to the screen’s edge on your laptop.

-Cover your laptop’s base with washi tape.

-Use washi tape to adorn the rear of your laptop with a distinctive pattern.

A wonderful time! Make your laptop a reflection of who you are because it is an extension of your personality.

Have you have a plain white laptop? Use some vibrant washi tape to make it pop!

Using Washi Tape To Create Nail Art

One of those items you can use for anything is washi tape. Today, we’ll demonstrate how to utilize it to create unique nail art!

It’s understandable why this pattern has persisted for so long. It’s straightforward but very powerful, and you may use any style or color palette.

You’ll need a base layer of polish to begin. Cut pieces of washi tape and stick them to your nails after it has dried. To keep the design in place, make sure to apply pressure when applying the tape.

Then apply a different shade of polish over the tape. To make the design stand out, we advise selecting a contrast color.

Remove the tape with caution after the second coat of polish has dried. You’ll have a lovely and distinctive design!

Washi Tape Can Be Used To Decorate Envelopes

A sort of decorative masking tape with a rustic appearance, washi tape is made from natural fibers like hemp and bamboo. It can be used to enhance the appeal of envelopes! The envelope flap just needs a strip of washi tape, then you’re done!

When you want to be inventive, you can decorate the envelope with washi tape in various hues and patterns. Be composed; when it comes to washi tape, little is more.

You now know how to quickly and easily decorate your envelopes using washi tape. Test it out for yourself.

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