What Craft Should You Sell To Make Money Online?

Do you want to start selling crafts online but you’re unsure which ones to focus on? In this video, the speaker, Deb, offers a comprehensive framework to help you identify the crafts that have the best chances of generating sales and building a successful handmade shop.

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Deb acknowledges that as a creative person, you may be capable of making various crafts such as jewelry, knitting, macramé, paintings, and pottery. However, she emphasizes the importance of narrowing down your product selection to ensure cohesiveness in your shop and enable visitors to understand what your shop is all about. Having too many unrelated products can lead to failure and the perception of a “Dollar Store Stigma.”

She introduces the concept of the “Dollar Store Stigma” and encourages viewers to watch her video on the topic, which she provides a link to. She then delves into the decision-making process for selecting the crafts to sell. She offers a free downloadable workbook that complements the video and eliminates the need for extensive note-taking during the session.

The decision framework is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on assessing the market and demand for the crafts you’re considering. Deb suggests using practical tools like the Google Keyword Planner tool to gauge interest by analyzing the number of monthly searches for related keywords. For those planning to sell on platforms like Etsy, she recommends using tools such as Marmalead or Erank to evaluate demand within that marketplace. Additionally, she suggests exploring Instagram and relevant hashtags to determine the level of interest in specific crafts.

Moving on, Deb emphasizes the importance of assessing the competition. Contrary to common fears, competition can indicate a market demand for your chosen craft. If competitors are doing well and making sales, it suggests a viable market for your product. On the other hand, the absence of competition may indicate a lack of demand rather than a groundbreaking opportunity.

She advises considering trends, particularly in terms of colors, patterns, textures, materials, fabrics, and themes. While categories of handmade products generally remain in demand, it’s crucial to stay updated on trends to ensure your crafts align with current preferences. She provides tools and resources, including Etsy’s trend forecasts and reports, to help viewers identify and incorporate relevant trends into their product collections.

In the second part of the framework, Deb focuses on the profitability and scalability of the crafts. She begins by asking personal questions such as whether you possess the necessary skills to create and sell the crafts professionally. The quality of the product is essential for generating sales and building a sustainable business. Additionally, considering your proficiency and speed in crafting can impact profit margins.

She advises evaluating whether you are willing to exclusively focus on the chosen category of crafts, as sustained enjoyment and passion are vital for long-term success.

Next, Deb introduces decision guidelines to identify crafts that are more profitable and easier to scale. Factors to consider include reproducibility, time consumption, the ability to offer upsells and downsells, the size, and weight of the items, the potential for repeat customers, and seasonal demand. By examining these aspects, you can determine which crafts offer greater profit potential and scalability.

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