WOW! Upgrade Your Outdoor Patio + Deck with these Budget DIY Decor Ideas!

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Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space. In this article, Whit shares a variety of DIY projects for your patio and pool area.

From hidden outdoor storage solutions to creating a shaded oasis, these projects are sure to help you enjoy your outdoor space all summer long.

She begins by demonstrating how to create hidden outdoor storage using a planter and wood round.

She provides step-by-step instructions on how to measure and cut the wood, as well as how to finish and seal it for outdoor use.

Next, she shows how to create a shaded oasis using a pot, PVC pipe, and concrete mix.

She explains how to mix and set the concrete, add soil and plants, and secure an umbrella for shade.

Finally, she shares how to make a concrete top side table using 2x2s and a miter saw.

These DIY projects are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor space on a budget.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to create hidden outdoor storage using a planter and wood round
  • Create a shaded oasis using a pot, PVC pipe, and concrete mix
  • Make a concrete top side table using 2x2s and a miter saw
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Outdoor Storage Solutions

DIY Hidden Storage Planter

For those who need outdoor storage solutions but prefer to keep their belongings hidden, a DIY hidden storage planter is a great option.

To make this, one can use any planter of their choice along with a 24-inch wood round.

The first step is to take some one by two scrap and measure how much is needed to inset it onto the wood, so it acts like an actual lid.

The pot is then set on the bottom where it is traced on the wood, and the initial measurement is used to lay out the scraps.

The next step is to use wood glue and some nails to hold the scraps in place.

Once the lid is complete, it is given a good sanding and wiped off before finishing it with a stain.

It is recommended to seal the wood, especially if it is going to get rained on or drinks will be placed on it.

The lid can be used for beach towels, shoes, toys, or anything that needs to be kept hidden and corralled. It can also be used indoors all year round.

Creating a Shaded Oasis

Umbrella Stand with Planter Base

To create a shaded oasis in their outdoor space, Whitney from Whiskey and Whit headed to Home Depot and Walmart to get the supplies she needed.

She grabbed a pot from Walmart, a 5-gallon bucket, and a 2-foot section of 1 and 1/2 inch PVC from her local hardware store.

Whitney started by putting the PVC pipe in the center of the bucket and using painter’s tape to keep it centered.

She then added quick-setting concrete mix and let it sit for at least overnight.

After the concrete had hardened, she removed the bucket from the planter and added some paper to fill up the concrete.

Before putting the bucket in the planter, Whitney removed the stoppers in the bottom to allow for drainage.

She added a bag of Miracle Grow and some impatiens to the pot for a pop of color. To protect the PVC pipe from rain, she added a cap to the top.

Whitney then added an umbrella to the planter to create shade for her guests.

She used a $50 umbrella from Home Depot, but noted that less expensive options are available at other retailers.

Overall, Whitney’s umbrella stand with planter base is a simple and affordable way to add shade and greenery to any outdoor space.

DIY Furniture Projects

Concrete Top Side Table

In this DIY project, Whitney demonstrates how to make a concrete top side table for under $15.

The materials needed for this project are two 2×2 weather-treated boards, a bag of concrete mix, and a container for the mold.

First, Whitney cuts the 2×2 boards to the desired length using a miter saw. However, if a miter saw is not available, a miter box and saw can be used instead.

After cutting the boards, Whitney drills pilot holes and screws them together to form the base of the table.

Next, Whitney mixes the concrete according to the instructions on the bag and pours it into the mold.

She then places the base onto the concrete and lets it dry overnight.

Once the concrete has set, Whitney removes the mold and sands the edges of the concrete to smooth them out.

To finish the table, Whitney seals the concrete with a clear coat and attaches felt pads to the bottom of the base to protect floors.

The final product is a stylish and sturdy side table perfect for outdoor or indoor use.