Upcycled Simple Crafts You Can Make And Sell From Home!

If you’re passionate about creativity, sustainability, and earning some extra income, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of innovative and eco-friendly crafting ideas that will not only inspire you but also allow you to tap into your artistic skills.

Discover how everyday items can be transformed into unique treasures that customers will love. Get ready to unleash your creativity and turn your passion for upcycling into a profitable venture. Let’s dive in and explore these fantastic upcycled crafts that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to start your own home-based business!

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Deidre’s been really busy, and her shed is right full of upcycling projects. She’s excited to share them with you, so come on in and get some inspiration. Spring is finally here, and Deidre is able to get out into her shed and work again. It feels fantastic, but the shed is filled with stuff she’s been working on all winter.

Deidre has kind of been piling everything in there and hasn’t listed anything for sale yet. She sells everything locally and is ready to get going on that, but she wanted to share everything with you first. So, Deidre is going to show you everything she has in there that she’s made over the last little bit, and she hopes you’re going to enjoy it.

Tin cans are probably one of Deidre’s favorite things to upcycle, and she certainly did a lot of those over the last little bit. Here’s one where she did some paper mache and added a custom homemade napkin with beads on the bottom. It’s a perfect little place to put a full plant. There are full tutorials on all these techniques available on her channel, so you can check them out.

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Another piece she made was distressed with dirt and Mod Podge. She added one of her labels that was on a coffee-stained piece of paper and a bumblebee. These items are also available in her Etsy store. Deidre loves a piece she made using baking soda paint to give it some texture.

These creations are fantastic gifts or something you can put a full plant in or use as a pencil and pen holder. The possibilities are endless, and these items are some of her best sellers. If you want to put a real plant in them, Deidre suggests drilling a couple of holes in the bottom for good drainage. They look really pretty out on your porch or on a deck.

Deidre emphasizes the importance of not throwing out any glass jars or bottles because they can be upcycled beautifully. She has given them a real primitive look and did a live video where she demonstrated the technique.

Deidre painted one bottle with chalk paint and distressed it with instant coffee for a grungy, primitive look. She added a coffee-stained graphic and a rusty mason jar lid on the top and bottom. She has a full tutorial on how to paint glass with chalk paint, so be sure to check it out.

Deidre believes it won’t chip or peel and shares that it works fantastic. She encourages you to try it. Deidre loves using her homemade white chalk paint on wine bottles. She then applies the reverse technique with Mod Podge and her graphics. Sometimes, she adds acrylic paint to give it a pop of color.

These items sell really well, and she suggests looking for unused candles at thrift stores and applying the same technique to make some extra money. Deidre has quite a collection of dried flowers, and she uses them in various DIY projects.

She showcases an old teapot with a graphic cut out using permanent vinyl. It’s a great way to display kitchen utensils or dried flowers. She also mentions using old spice racks from thrift stores to hold craft paint.

Deidre showcases various other upcycled items such as spindles, hangers, frames, and signs, all made from salvaged materials and featuring her own graphics.

She emphasizes the importance of finding inspiration and encourages you to create something yourself and make a little extra money.

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