Turning Scrap Wood Into Cash: DIY Projects That Sell Quickly

Hey there, fellow crafters! Are you ready to unleash your inner woodworking wizard? Well, buckle up because we’re about to embark on a thrilling journey of turning scrap wood into some serious cash!

Picture this: you’re a crafty mama with a passion for crafting, armed with a toolbox full of dreams and a heap of discarded wood pieces just waiting to be transformed. It’s like discovering hidden treasure in your own backyard! Together, we’ll dive into DIY projects that not only sell like hotcakes but also bring out the creative genius within you.

So, grab your saw, glue, and a cup of your favorite joe, because we’re about to make some magic happen! Let’s dive into the wonderful world of turning scrap wood into cold, hard cash.

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In today’s video, Deidre from Our Upcycled Life is going to focus on turning scrap wood into cash. She will show you some simple and easy DIY projects that can be flipped for profit.

Deidre never throws out any small pieces of wood because almost anything can be transformed into a sign, ornament, or something that can be sold for cash. She always keeps a little pile of wood scraps to use for numerous projects.

The first project she’s going to demonstrate involves pallet wood, which can often be found for free. Deidre had a piece of pallet wood that was already painted black, making it perfect for this project. She cut the wood into squares, which will become coasters.

After sanding them, she will seal them with engine enamel, a durable coating that allows the coasters to withstand hot and cold drinks. These coasters can be beautifully packaged and sold at craft fairs for a profit.

The next project uses a scrap piece of wood with a live edge. Deidre obtained various wood pieces from friends who were building a home and saved those bits for her projects. She intentionally distressed the wood by using a hammer, chain, and other tools to create a weathered look.

After staining it with an inexpensive stain, she adds coat hooks to turn it into a functional piece that can be sold easily. By repurposing existing hooks from thrift store finds, she keeps the cost low and maximizes her profit.

Deidre then demonstrates how she uses small pieces of press board from Home Depot’s scrap wood box to create beautiful gift tags. She decoupages vintage gift wrap paper onto the tags, giving them a custom-made look.

These tags sell well at craft shows and have a reasonable price point that appeals to customers. Deidre suggests keeping the price of smaller items under $20, as people often come to craft shows with a limited budget.

In another project, Deidre repurposes broken shutter slots into ornaments or gift tags. Instead of discarding them, she deconstructs the shutter and paints the wooden slots with homemade white chalk paint.

Then, she uses a mod podge reverse graphic transfer method to add decorative quotes to the slots. After drilling a hole and adding a bead and twine, she creates adorable ornaments that sell well, particularly during the Christmas season.

Deidre demonstrates how you can transform scrap wood into profitable items through simple DIY projects. She emphasizes the importance of being resourceful, checking for free or discounted materials, and utilizing cashback websites like Go Cashback to maximize savings and earnings. By thinking creatively and repurposing materials that would otherwise be discarded, you can turn your passion for crafting into a profitable venture.

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