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Rachel, the owner and creator of The Eclectic Cottage in Spokane, Washington, has been hard at work completing four projects for her latest video. In this video, Rachel showcases her talent for DIY and thrift flips, as well as her love for furniture restoration. She takes her viewers through each project step-by-step, sharing her techniques and tips for achieving beautiful results.

From repainting a ceramic rooster to reupholstering a stool, each project is carefully crafted with attention to detail. Rachel’s choice of colors and fabrics ties all the projects together, creating a cohesive and stunning vignette. Viewers are sure to be inspired by Rachel’s creativity and skill, and may even be encouraged to try their hand at some DIY projects of their own.

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Key Takeaways

  • Rachel showcases her talent for DIY and thrift flips in four projects, including repainting a ceramic rooster and reupholstering a stool.
  • Her choice of colors and fabrics ties all the projects together, creating a cohesive and stunning vignette.
  • Viewers are sure to be inspired by Rachel’s creativity and skill, and may even be encouraged to try their own DIY projects.
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Project 1: Ceramic Rooster

In this project, Rachel transforms a ceramic rooster with a new paint job. The rooster had some chips in its paint, so Rachel decided to give it a black matte spray paint coat. This gave the DIY paint a little bit more to adhere to, and if Rachel accidentally removed any of the paint during the waxing process, it would go back to black rather than the original color.

Once the black paint was dry, Rachel used a brand new color to her, Petal Pusher, a beautiful blue color from DIY. She gave the rooster two even coats of Petal Pusher, stippling it on to give it a little bit of texture.

After the paint was completely dry, Rachel used a soft bristle brush and DIY clear wax to begin the sealing process. DIY paint is porous and can be reactivated with water, so it always needs to be sealed with something. Rachel used a layer of clear wax first, then decided to go ahead and use some dark wax over it.

Rachel thinned her dark wax a little with some mineral spirits and worked it into all the nooks and crannies of the rooster. She then wiped it back with a shop towel, making sure that if there were any spots she missed, she went over those again and wiped it back. The little rooster was then finished, and Rachel was happy with how he came out.

Project 2: Candle Holders

The second project in Rachel’s video features two candle holders that she had previously purchased. The candle holders were originally painted by someone else and were not up to Rachel’s standards, so she decided to give them a fresh coat of paint. Rachel began by giving the candle holders a base coat of black paint to create a solid foundation for the new color.

Rachel chose to use the color Gypsy Green by DIY paint for the candle holders. She applied two even coats of the paint using a stippling technique to create texture and avoid brush strokes. Once the paint was dry, Rachel used a damp shop towel to distress the candle holders, revealing some of the black paint underneath.

To seal the paint, Rachel used DIY clear wax and then applied DIY dark wax to add depth and dimension to the candle holders. She wiped away any excess wax with a shop towel. Rachel also spray painted the metal candle holder pieces black to create contrast with the green paint.

Overall, the candle holders turned out beautifully and coordinate well with the other projects in the video. Rachel’s attention to detail and use of color make these candle holders a standout piece in any home decor.

Project 3: Decorative Box

For the third project, Rachel worked on a decorative box that she had bought some time ago. The box was originally painted in an ugly bright red color, which Rachel did not like. She decided to treat it the same way as the other two projects, so she started off by giving it a base coat of black. Rachel went over the box with three good even coats of Summer Crush by DIY paint. Since the paint underneath was so slick, even with the spray paint on there, the DIY paint was not sticking as well as Rachel would have liked. Therefore, she decided to give it one extra coat.

Since Rachel had to do that, there were a couple of brush stroke marks that were pretty heavy in a couple of places. So, she just went over the whole thing with some 220 grit sandpaper just to smooth everything out and make it all look nice and even. Then, it was on to distressing. Rachel used her damp shop towel to wipe back some of that Summer Crush color and reveal that black underneath. She really wanted this box to go well with the candle holders, so she gave it kind of a nice heavy distressing.

Rachel cleaned up the bottom, and once the paint was all dry, she was ready to move on to waxing. She used the same technique as she did with the other two pieces, going over this once with DIY clear wax and giving the whole thing a really good coat of that clear wax. Then, she followed that up with the dark wax. Rachel worked the wax down into all the nooks and crannies and the grooves in the flowers.

She wiped back the excess wax with a shop towel, but they still looked a little gunky. So, she took a little bit of mineral spirits, wiped most of it back off of her brush, and then went over the roses with that just to kind of move some of that excess wax out of some of the nooks and crannies. Rachel liked this look a lot better, and then she went about finishing up the dark waxing of the rest of the piece. Finally, it was time to put the lid back on, and then this project was complete.

Project 4: Reupholstered Stool

The fourth and final project in this video features a cute little stool that the owner found a while ago. The top of the stool was reupholstered to give it a new look. The owner started by removing the old red vinyl that covered the top of the stool. She used a flat screwdriver to remove the staples one by one and then pulled out each staple with wire cutters. Once the vinyl was removed, the owner moved on to the next step.

The owner had a pretty fabric that featured greens, oranges, reds, blues, and a dark maroony plum color. She cut the fabric to fit the top of the stool and began the process of recovering it. She started by pulling the fabric taut on each side and then finished up with the corners. She stapled right up to where the corner was, pulled the fabric up, and then put three staples in it to hold it.

After the reupholstering was complete, the owner had a beautiful stool with a new look. The stool was painted with Sweet Pickens milk paint in a color called sweet potato. The paint was sealed with Sweet Pickens clear oil wax, giving it a smooth eggshell finish. The stool was sanded with 220 grit sandpaper using an orbital sander to give it a good sanding. The reupholstered top of the stool coordinated with the other projects in the video, featuring greens, oranges, and reds.

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