Top 40 Amazon Prime Day Deals 2023

Get ready, folks! It’s that time of year again – Amazon Prime Day! And let me tell ya, this year’s deals are hotter than a firecracker on the Fourth of July. As a craft-loving mama bear myself, I’ve scoured through the digital jungle to bring you the top 40 Prime Day deals of 2023.

So, buckle up, grab your hot glue gun, and get ready to score some serious crafting treasures without breakin’ the bank. You won’t believe the bargains we’re about to dig up. It’s gonna be a wild ride, my fellow crafters, so hold on tight!

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On Amazon Prime Day, there are many fantastic items on sale. Liz has you covered and will show you everything you need to pick up today. She will provide all the links in the description box of the video. If you’re not sure how to find the description box, simply click the little arrow that drops down her description box. You can also find the links in the comments section, where the first pinned comment will have all the product links.

One great deal is on the Dawn Platinum power wash, which includes the spray container and three refills. It’s perfect to stock up for the year. Liz also highly recommends a makeup brush set, which is affordable and comes with 18 brushes for a full face look. It’s great for beginners or anyone in need of a complete set.

Another item on sale is the Little Green carpet cleaner, which is compact and perfect for pet messes or cleaning upholstery. If you’re interested in starting new plants, the plant terrarium is a beautiful option for your kitchen. Liz’s top-selling product on Amazon is the car cleaning gel, which is great for cleaning your car dashboard and electronics.

Liz suggests trying out bodysuits if you haven’t before, and she loves her black bodysuit for its versatility. For the kitchen, she recommends the four-in-one chopper for finely dicing onions and cutting things into matchsticks. If you need a carrying case for office essentials or traveling, she has found a perfect one with multiple compartments.

The ninja creamy appliance, which creates soft serve ice cream from frozen fruit, is on sale. It’s one of Liz’s favorite products. Don’t forget to grab some containers to freeze the creamy in. Additionally, she recommends a milk frother to blend the milk for the creamy.

On the fashion side, the green tank maxi dress with pockets is perfect for this time of year.

For fitness enthusiasts, the waterproof headphones that use vibrations instead of going in the ears are perfect for the gym. The Laneige lip sleeping mask is popular for nourishing and hydrating, and it comes in a large size. Liz also highlights some stylish sunglasses on sale.

Prime Day is an excellent opportunity to get deals on appliances like the sleek Shark cordless vacuum. For more outlets in your room, Liz suggests the surge protectors with multiple outlets and USB charging ports. Stocking up on disinfecting wipes is a great idea for everyday cleaning or school supplies.

Remember, today is the first day of Prime Day, and new deals will be available tomorrow. Liz will be live-streaming the deals on her main channel, so come back for more savings. She also recommends flower hair clips, sports bras, and Levi’s jeans, which are all on sale.

Other items on sale include a pack of scissors, iPhone charging cables, a sweater from the brand the Drop, the Chom Chom pet hair remover, and a foldable steamer. Liz also suggests white sandals, a three-in-one magnetic charger for Apple devices, and her favorite bedroom rug.

There are also some Day One deals that are only available today, such as a six-pack of makeup sponges, a Dewalt drill set with a cordless drill and impact driver, a corded car vacuum, a green maxi dress, and a pack of Swedish dishcloths for reusable cleaning.

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