The hottest NEW DOLLAR TREE DIY trend using this $1.25 item

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In this article, Liz shares various Dollar Tree DIY ideas that can be easily recreated at home. From trendy frame matching to creating a textured bowl planter, she provides step-by-step instructions for each project. The article also highlights the author’s favorite Dollar Tree finds, including a Pottery Barn inspired DIY candle mug and a woven basket container creation.

Key Takeaways

  • The article provides easy-to-follow instructions for various Dollar Tree DIY projects.
  • She shares their favorite Dollar Tree finds, including a Pottery Barn inspired DIY candle mug and a woven basket container creation.
  • The DIY projects featured in the article are trendy and budget-friendly.
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Dollar Tree DIY Tray Ideas

Lemon Style Tray

In this Dollar Tree DIY project, the YouTuber picked up a bowl and one of the smaller lemon trays and added E6000 to the bottom of the bowl. Once it was dry, the tray was placed on top, making it perfect to have out in the kitchen for summer.

Butterfly Vanity Tray

The Dollar Tree has been putting out many great canvas prints lately, and the YouTuber picked up a couple of frames from the thrift store to create a DIY vanity tray. The frames were painted to match the color of the art inside, and the DIY tray was created using a butterfly tray from the Dollar Tree.

By matching the color of the frames to the art inside, the DIY tray looks high-end and perfect for a daughter’s bedroom.

The Dollar Tree also has a variety of woven baskets that can be used to create DIY containers. In this project, the YouTuber picked up six of the baskets and used them to create unique and stylish containers.

Trendy DIY Frame Matching

Selecting Paint Colors

One of the current trends in DIY is matching the color of frames to the artwork inside. To achieve this, one can get frames from Dollar Tree or thrift stores. If the background color of the artwork is known, one can mix different color paints to create a similar paint color. For instance, if the background color of the picture frame is brick red, one can mix paint colors to achieve that color. Once the paint color is selected, two coats of paint can be applied to the frame.

Preparing and Painting Frames

After selecting the paint color, the frames need to be painted. If there is any glass on the frame, it should be covered with painter’s tape before painting. The frame should be painted with two coats of paint and left to dry. Once the frame is dry, the painter’s tape can be removed.

Fitting the Artwork

After the frame is painted and dry, the artwork can be cut down to size to fit into the frame. If the artwork is too big, it can be cut down by folding it on the edges and then cutting it down to size. If the artwork is too small, it can be cut down until it fits perfectly into the frame. The backing can then be added back on to complete the frame. By following these steps, one can achieve a high-end look for their artwork without breaking the bank.

DIY Textured Bowl Planter

Mixing Paint and Spackling

To create a DIY textured bowl planter, the first step is to mix paint and spackling. The creator of the video found inspiration on Pottery Barn’s website, where she saw a planter with a white and blue finish. To recreate this look, she mixed spackling with blue paint and sand from Dollar Tree. She roughly mixed the two paint colors together with a scraping tool to achieve the desired effect.

Applying Texture to Bowls

After mixing the paint and spackling, the creator applied it to two bowls – a large one and a smaller one. Using a scraper, she applied the spackling to the outside of the bowls, ensuring that they were completely covered. The rougher the texture, the better it looked. Once the bowls were dry, she added additional spackling or paint where needed.

Assembling the Planter

To assemble the planter, the creator used E6000 to attach the smaller bowl to the bottom of the larger bowl. The next step was to cut the handle off a racket from the summer toys section at Dollar Tree and place it in the top portion of the bowl. She secured it in place with hot glue. To finish off the planter, she added florals from Dollar Tree, bending the stems and placing them into the screens. The result was a beautiful and unique planter that would make a great addition to any home.

Floral Arrangement with a Racket Screen

In the video, Liz Fenwick DIY shares a DIY project using a racket screen and Dollar Tree florals to create a beautiful and unique floral arrangement. The first step is to paint two bowls using a spackling mixture with blue paint and sand to create a textured finish similar to a Pottery Barn planter. Once the bowls are dry, she cuts off the handle of the racket screen and secures it to the larger bowl using hot glue. The smaller bowl is then placed on top of the racket screen to create a platform for the florals.

The Dollar Tree florals are then arranged in the screen by bending the stems and placing them in the holes. She uses two different varieties of florals to create a full and vibrant appearance. The end result is a stunning floral arrangement that looks high-end and is perfect for summer decor.

Outdoor Solar Light Sconce Conversion

In the video, she shares a DIY project on how to convert a new sconce into an outdoor solar light sconce. She found a new sconce at the restore and spray painted it with two coats of matte black spray paint. Next, she removed the shade and added a regular solar light by applying E6000 to the base and placing it where the light bulb would go. The sconce can be hung anywhere in the outdoor space, and it provides a warm light all summer long. This DIY project is an affordable and easy way to add outdoor lighting to any space.

Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Candle Mug

In this Dollar Tree DIY video, she shares how to create a Pottery Barn inspired candle mug using a coffee mug from Dollar Tree. The wax melt used in the DIY can be purchased from Amazon, and she uses a designated pot to melt the wax. Once the wax is melted, it is transferred into the mug, and a candle wick is added. Popsicle sticks and painters tape are used to support the candle wick until it has time to dry. Once the wax has hardened, the painters tape can be removed, and the candle wick can be cut down and styled in the home. This DIY is a great way to incorporate Pottery Barn style into your home decor on a budget.

Woven Basket Container Creation

In the video, Liz Fenwick DIY shared a DIY project using woven baskets from Dollar Tree. She picked up six baskets and used them to create containers.

To create the containers, she used a hot glue gun to attach three baskets together in a pyramid shape. Then, she attached another three baskets together in the same way.

Next, the two pyramid shapes were attached to each other by gluing the flat sides together. The result was a large, sturdy container made out of six woven baskets.

This DIY project is a great way to repurpose Dollar Tree items and create unique and functional decor for the home.