The HOTTEST ? Dollar Tree DIY Crafts using PEEL-N-STICK Tiles

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If you’re into DIY crafts, heading to Dollar Tree can be quite the adventure. One popular spot in the store is the peel and stick tile aisle.

These tiles offer versatile designs that you can use for various projects. Picking up a few, one can create beautiful crafts that are both easy and fun.

Using materials from Dollar Tree, such as wooden flowers, hearts, and circles, you can make unique decorations for different occasions.

Simple techniques like light sanding, applying peel and stick tiles, and adding a bit of paint can transform these items into charming pieces for your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Cute crafts can be made using peel and stick tiles from Dollar Tree.
  • Wooden flower and heart crafts are easy to create and customize.
  • Adding simple decorations can make your DIY projects stand out.
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Shopping at Dollar Tree

They set off to Dollar Tree and headed to the peel-and-stick tile aisle, which always offers a variety of designs available all year round.

They selected some tiles, envisioning them for a beautiful crafting project.

First, they used a wooden flower found at Dollar Tree, removing any unnecessary parts and lightly sanding its surface to ensure the tiles would stick properly.

After cleaning it thoroughly, they applied a stunning tile by peeling off the back and sticking it like a sticker, cutting off any excess with an X-Acto knife for a perfect fit.

Once the entire surface was covered, they used a sanding block to smooth the edges and prepare for the next step.

They applied two coats of white chalk paint, sanding between coats for a distressed look.

After letting it dry, they created a mini wreath using a grapevine wreath from Amazon and some leftover greenery.

They hot-glued small pieces of greenery around the wreath and tied a bow with burlap ribbon, attaching it to the top of the wreath for a charming touch.

For the next craft, they picked four wooden hearts from the Valentine’s Day section at Dollar Tree.

They sanded each one, then applied silver peel-and-stick tiles, trimming the excess and sanding the edges for a smooth, distressed finish.

Using a burlap-style ribbon with red hearts, they aligned and hot-glued the hearts vertically, leaving about an inch between each heart.

They added felt heart stickers to the center of each wooden heart and some greenery for decoration.

In another project, they took a leftover circular piece, sanded it, and added a blue-toned tile from Dollar Tree, trimming and sanding the edges.

They wrapped a mini wreath from Dollar Tree with red and white buffalo check ribbon, securing it with hot glue.

Crafting a Wooden Flower Crab

Preparing the Wooden Flower

First, sand the surface of the wooden flower lightly to get rid of any rough patches. Wipe it thoroughly to ensure that the peel and stick tile will adhere properly.

Attaching Peel and Stick Tile

Choose a peel and stick tile with an appealing design.

Peel off the backing and stick the tile onto the wooden flower, ensuring it covers the entire section. Use your fingers to smooth out any air bubbles.

Trimming Excess Tile

Using an X-Acto knife, carefully cut away the extra tile from the edges. Align the design as perfectly as possible while adding more tile sections.

Sanding and Painting

Once the tile is in place, use a sanding block to smooth down the edges and remove any extra paper.

Sand the surface slightly to dull the sheen, then apply two coats of white chalk paint.

Creating the Mini Wreath

Take a small grapevine wreath and attach small greenery parts around it using hot glue. Keep working until the wreath is fully decorated.

Finishing the Flower Crab

After the paint has dried, sand the surface a bit more to make the texture pop.

Add a burlap ribbon bow and attach small white flowers in the center.

Secure the wreath to the flower with hot glue, and your wooden flower crab is complete.

Valentine’s Day Heart Craft

Preparing the Wooden Hearts

Lightly sand the surface of the wooden hearts to remove any rough edges. Make sure to wipe them clean to ensure good adhesion for the silver peel and stick tiles.

Attaching Silver Peel and Stick Tiles

Place the silver peel and stick tiles onto the wooden hearts. Use a blade knife to trim the excess and fit them perfectly on the hearts’ surface.

Smoothing and Distressing Edges

Use an electric sander to smooth the edges and distress them slightly. This gives the hearts a clean yet rustic look.

Adding Ribbon for Hanging

Cut a piece of burlap-style Valentine’s Day ribbon featuring small red hearts.

Hot glue the ribbon to the back of the hearts, leaving space between each one. Loop the ribbon at the top to create a hanger.

Embellishing with Felt Hearts and Greenery

Place felt heart stickers in the center of each wooden heart and add greenery at the top.

Secure the greenery with hot glue and finish with a small leaf to cover the glued area.

Circle Tile Arrangement Craft

Preparing the Circular Base

First, head to Dollar Tree to pick up a wooden circle.

Remove any paper covering and lightly sand the surface to smooth it out. After sanding, clean the surface well. This ensures that the peel and stick tile adheres correctly.

The tiles have a beautiful design and work like stickers, so just peel off the back and stick them on.

Cover the entire circle with tiles, cutting off any excess with an X-Acto knife.

Sand the edges to remove extra paper and smooth them out.

Apply two coats of white chalk paint and distress it lightly when dry to highlight the texture.

Wrapping the Mini Wreath with Ribbon

Use a mini grapevine wreath, available on Amazon in packs.

Hot glue small pieces of greenery around the wreath.

Next, take some burlap ribbon from your craft supplies and cut it into strips about an inch thick.

Make a simple bow with one strip, tying it in the center with jute string.

Attach the bow to the top of the wreath with hot glue.

For hanging, glue another strip of burlap ribbon to the back of the wreath.

Hot glue the wreath in the center of the painted wooden circle. Add small white flowers to the center to finish.

Cutting Foam and Final Assembly

Get a mini wreath from Dollar Tree’s collection. Wrap it with red and white buffalo check ribbon from their Valentine’s Day collection.

Secure the ribbon at the start and end with hot glue. Cut off any excess ribbon.

Then, grab some foam from Dollar Tree. Cut it into a piece about an inch thick and place it as needed to finish your craft.