The 15 Minute Glitter Tumbler You CAN’T Miss!

This article provides a step-by-step guide to creating a glitter tumbler using UV resin. The video tutorial by Maker’s Going to Learn explains that glitter tumblers are very popular as gifts and for selling, and that the process can be expedited using UV resin which cures with sunlight or a UV light. The article covers the supplies needed, preparation of the tumbler, application of glitter, application of UV resin, curing the resin, creating the monogram, and applying the decal.

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Key Takeaways

  • Glitter tumblers are a popular gift and selling item.
  • UV resin can expedite the process of creating a glitter tumbler.
  • The article provides a step-by-step guide to creating a glitter tumbler with a monogram decal.
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Supplies Needed

To create a glitter tumbler using UV resin, a few supplies are required. These supplies are easily accessible and can be purchased online or at a local craft store.

The following supplies are needed for this project:

  • Stainless steel tumbler with lid
  • Loctite spray adhesive
  • Starcraft beach twilight purpley glitter
  • UV resin
  • Gloves
  • Electrical tape
  • Alcohol
  • Paper towel
  • Mermaid vinyl
  • Tumbler turner
  • UV light

In addition to these supplies, basic crafting tools like weeding tools and other supplies that are usually found in a crafter’s room are also needed.

The stainless steel tumbler is the base for this project. Loctite spray adhesive is used to stick the glitter to the tumbler. Starcraft beach twilight purpley glitter is used to create a glittery effect on the tumbler. UV resin is used to create a hard and shiny surface on the tumbler. Gloves are used to protect the hands while working with the resin. Electrical tape is used to tape off the tumbler and create a clean line. Alcohol and paper towel are used to clean the tumbler before applying the adhesive. Mermaid vinyl is used to create a monogram on the tumbler. Tumbler turner is used to rotate the tumbler while applying the resin. UV light is used to cure the resin.

All these supplies are linked below the video and can be easily purchased online. It is important to follow the instructions for each supply carefully to achieve the desired result. With these supplies, a glitter tumbler can be created quickly and easily using UV resin.

Preparation of Tumbler

To create a glitter tumbler using UV resin, one needs a few supplies. These include a stainless steel tumbler with a lid, Loctite spray adhesive, Starcraft Beach Twilight Purpley glitter, UV resin, gloves, electrical tape, alcohol, a paper towel, and a mermaid vinyl. Apart from these, one also needs basic crafting tools like weeding tools and a tumbler turner.

The first step in preparing the tumbler is to clean it with alcohol using a paper towel. One should ensure that the cup is dry before moving on to the next step. Then, using electrical tape, one should tape off the tumbler, placing a strip of tape all the way around, just even with the ridge, and a small one up at the top. This step is optional, but it gives the tumbler a polished look.

Next, one should spray a light coat of Loctite spray adhesive on the tumbler. This adhesive is still tacky even when dry, so one does not have to rush to put glitter on it. After spraying the adhesive, one should apply a coating of glitter to the tumbler. If necessary, one can repeat this process to achieve the desired glitter coverage.

Once the glitter is in place, one can proceed to add UV resin to the tumbler. It is important to follow the steps for prep on the chosen resin and use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to create a safe environment for this project. One should start with a thin strip of resin and gradually smooth it out, layering it until the entire tumbler is covered with a thin layer of resin. Each layer should be cured with a UV light before adding another layer. It is essential to ensure that the resin is not too thick and that it is smooth and evenly spread.

After curing the first layer of resin, one can remove the tape before the resin cures entirely. Then, the tumbler can be placed back on the tumbler turner, and the next layer of resin can be added. The process of adding resin and curing it should be repeated until the desired thickness is achieved. Finally, a decal can be added to the tumbler, completing the glitter tumbler creation process.

Application of Glitter

The Maker’s Going to Learn YouTube channel provides a tutorial on creating a glitter tumbler using UV resin. Glitter tumblers are popular as gifts or for selling and can be time-consuming to create. However, using UV resin that cures with sunlight or a UV light expedites the process.

To begin, the stainless steel tumbler is cleaned with alcohol and taped off with electrical tape around the top and bottom edges. Loctite spray adhesive is then applied to the tumbler, and the Starcraft Beach Twilight Purpley glitter is coated onto it. Multiple coats of glitter may be necessary to ensure full coverage.

Next, the UV resin is applied in thin layers to the tumbler using a tumbler turner. The resin is cured using a UV light while the tumbler is rotating. Once the first layer of resin has cured, a monogram decal can be applied to the tumbler.

Overall, this tutorial provides a quick and easy method for creating glitter tumblers using UV resin. The use of a tumbler turner and UV light expedites the process, and the addition of a monogram decal adds a personal touch.

Application of UV Resin

UV resin is a type of resin that cures quickly with the help of sunlight or a UV light. In this tutorial, the maker uses UV resin to create a glitter tumbler. Compared to traditional epoxy resin, UV resin can expedite the process from start to finish exponentially.

The application of UV resin is relatively simple. After applying a thin layer of adhesive spray and glitter onto the tumbler, the maker uses a tumbler turner to apply a very thin layer of UV resin. The maker then uses a UV light to cure the resin, stopping the rotation periodically to ensure that the resin is smooth and evenly distributed. The process of adding thin layers of resin and curing it with a UV light is repeated until the desired thickness and shine is achieved.

One benefit of using UV resin is that it remains tacky even when dry, which allows the glitter to stick to it without rushing to apply the glitter before the adhesive dries. Additionally, the resin can be cured quickly with the help of a UV light, which saves time compared to traditional epoxy resin that can take six to eight hours to cure.

Overall, using UV resin for projects like glitter tumblers can be a quick and efficient way to achieve a beautiful and shiny finish.

Curing the Resin

After applying the first thin layer of UV resin to the tumbler, it’s time to cure it. The speaker suggests using a UV light to cure the resin. The tumbler should be placed on a tumbler turner while applying the resin and during the curing process.

The speaker recommends curing the resin for about a minute, ensuring that it’s still tacky and not completely hard. Once the curing process is complete, it’s time to remove the tape. The speaker advises removing the tape before the resin cures completely to avoid any damage to the glitter and resin layers.

To remove the tape, the speaker suggests using the extra tail of tape left behind while taping the tumbler. The tumbler should still be on the tumbler turner while removing the tape, and the curing process should continue while removing the tape.

After removing the tape, the speaker suggests continuing to cure the tumbler with the UV light while it’s still on the tumbler turner. The curing process should continue until the resin is completely cured.

It’s important to note that the curing time may vary depending on the type of UV resin used. The speaker recommends following the instructions for the specific resin being used to ensure proper curing.

Creating the Monogram

Once the glitter tumbler has been prepared and the UV resin has been applied, it’s time to add a monogram to make it personalized. To create the monogram, the speaker in the video opens Design Space and selects a text box to insert the letters E, O, and F. The speaker then selects the Makers Gonna Learn font, specifically the Scallop Monogram font for each letter.

After selecting the correct font for each letter, the speaker aligns the letters horizontally and squeezes them together to form a circular shape. The monogram is then grouped together and resized to three inches high to fit perfectly on the tumbler.

The speaker then proceeds to cut out the monogram on vinyl using a standard grit mat and a vinyl material setting on the cutting machine. Once the first layer of UV resin has cured, the monogram is carefully applied to the tumbler’s smooth surface. If the surface is still too gritty, the speaker recommends applying another very thin layer of resin before adding the vinyl monogram.

Overall, adding a monogram is a simple way to make the glitter tumbler personalized and unique. With the right font and size, the monogram can add a touch of elegance and style to the tumbler, making it a perfect gift or item to sell.

Applying the Decal

Once the first layer of UV resin has cured, it’s time to apply the decal. Before doing so, make sure that the surface is smooth and free of any grittiness. If necessary, apply another very thin layer of resin to ensure that the vinyl will stick properly.

To apply the decal, first peel off the backing paper and position it on the tumbler. Make sure to align it properly and smooth out any air bubbles. You can use a scraper tool to help with this process.

Once the decal is in place, it’s time to cure the second layer of UV resin. Apply a thin layer of resin over the decal, making sure to cover it completely. Use a UV light to cure the resin, rotating the tumbler turner to ensure even coverage.

Repeat this process for as many layers as desired, making sure to cure each layer before applying the next. The result will be a beautiful, glittery tumbler with a personalized monogram decal.

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