Scarecrow Craft Projects

Scarecrows are a fun and classic symbol of fall and the harvest season. They are often seen in fields, gardens, and front yards, and make for a great decorative element in the home. Making scarecrow crafts is a great way to get into the fall spirit and add some festive decor to your home.

Here are some scarecrow craft projects to try this fall:

Scarecrow Mason Jar: 

Turn an ordinary mason jar into a cute and festive scarecrow. Paint the jar in traditional scarecrow colors of brown, orange, and yellow. Add a face made of felt or construction paper, and a straw hat on top. Fill the jar with seasonal flowers or candy corn.

Scarecrow Wreath: 

Create a scarecrow wreath using a straw wreath form, burlap, ribbon, and raffia. Cut burlap strips into thin pieces and tie them around the wreath form, then tie raffia bows around the burlap. Attach a straw hat to the top of the wreath with ribbon, and add a felt or construction paper face to the center.

Scarecrow Paper Plate Craft: 

This is a great craft for kids. Use a paper plate as the base and cut out a hat, shirt, and pants from construction paper. Glue the pieces onto the paper plate and add a face made of felt or construction paper. Finish it off with some straw or raffia coming out of the sleeves and pant legs.

Scarecrow Pillow: 

Create a cute and cozy scarecrow pillow for your home. Use a plain white pillow cover and add a scarecrow face using felt or fabric. Sew on a burlap hat, and use fabric paint to add straw or raffia coming out of the sides.

Scarecrow Popsicle Stick Craft: 

Another great option for kids, this scarecrow craft uses popsicle sticks as the base. Glue the sticks together to form the scarecrow’s body, and then add a felt or construction paper face and a straw hat on top.

Scarecrow Mason Jar Luminary: 

Create a fall-themed luminary using a mason jar, tissue paper, and glue. Cut out shapes of leaves and pumpkins from the tissue paper and glue them onto the jar. Then add a felt or construction paper face and a straw hat on top. Place a tea light inside the jar to create a warm and cozy fall glow.

Scarecrow craft projects are a great way to get creative and add a touch of autumn to your home, whether you’re decorating for the season or just looking for a fun fall activity.

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