President’s Day Projects

President’s Day is a national holiday in the United States celebrated on the third Monday of February to honor the country’s past Presidents. This holiday is an opportunity for families to come together, learn about American history, and engage in fun and educational activities. One such activity is crafting. Here are some President’s Day craft projects that you can enjoy with your kids or family.

Presidential Portraits: Teach your kids about the Presidents of the United States by having them create portraits of their favorite Presidents. You can use materials such as paper, markers, and paint to create the portraits. Encourage your kids to research the Presidents they choose and add details to their portraits such as the President’s signature or notable quotes.

Patriotic Wreaths: Show your patriotic spirit by making a patriotic wreath to hang on your front door. You can use red, white, and blue paper or fabric to create a wreath that represents the American flag. This project is simple and fun for kids of all ages.

Presidential Paper Dolls: Help your kids learn about the Presidents by creating Presidential paper dolls. You can find templates online or make your own. Have your kids dress the paper dolls in historically accurate clothing and add accessories such as books, papers, and maps to give the dolls a more authentic feel.

Presidential Bookmarks: Encourage your kids to read more about American history by making Presidential bookmarks. You can use construction paper, markers, and stickers to create bookmarks featuring the Presidents’ portraits and notable quotes.

Patriotic Pinwheels: Create patriotic pinwheels to celebrate President’s Day. Pinwheels are simple to make and can be made from paper or fabric. Kids can decorate the pinwheels with red, white, and blue accents and display them outside on a sunny day.

These are just a few of the many President’s Day craft projects that you can try with your kids or family. Whether you choose to create portraits, wreaths, paper dolls, bookmarks, or pinwheels, crafting is a fun and educational way to celebrate this special holiday. So gather your supplies, get creative, and start celebrating President’s Day today!

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This paper bag craft idea for President’s Day makes a great art and STEM activity for kids from preschool through 5th grade. Build this interactive 3D Abraham Lincoln Log Cabin from scratch or get our printable template at our website below!

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