Must-Try Halloween DIYS for 2023 (Dollar Tree ideas + HUGE crafts!) ?

In this article, we will explore some Halloween DIY projects inspired by popular stories and movies. The first project is based on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, a classic Halloween tale.

The project involves creating a headless horseman nutcracker using wood, concrete, and Dollar Tree supplies. The article provides step-by-step instructions on how to make this unique Halloween decoration, which can also be used as a candy bowl.

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Another project featured in this article is creating a cement jack-o-lantern fire pit. This viral DIY project involves using a plastic pumpkin pail, concrete, and Dollar Tree supplies to create a spooky and functional fire pit.

The article also includes a Halloween s’mores hack using ghost peeps and fudge striped cookies from Dollar Tree. These projects are easy to recreate and perfect for adding some festive Halloween decorations to your home.

Key Takeaways

  • This article explores Halloween DIY projects inspired by popular stories and movies.
  • Projects include creating a headless horseman nutcracker and a cement jack-o-lantern fire pit using Dollar Tree supplies.
  • The article also includes a Halloween s’mores hack using ghost peeps and fudge striped cookies from Dollar Tree.
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Legend of Sleepy Hollow Inspired Project

Required Supplies

To create a Headless Horseman Nutcracker inspired by “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” one will need an 11-inch wood round, two 2×4 pieces of project wood, and an 8-inch wood round. Additionally, an 8-inch wide concrete tube, a Dollar Tree pool noodle, and a tube of Halloween ornaments from Dollar Tree are required. Velvet cape, Rust-Oleum spray paint, and a Walmart Jack-o-Lantern are also needed.

Assembling the Pieces

After removing the hangers from the 11-inch wood round, attach the two 2×4 pieces of project wood to it, and then add the 8-inch wood round on top. The longer wood pieces should be close enough together so that they both fit beneath the smaller wood round. Attach the concrete tube on top of the 8-inch wood round.

Painting the Nutcracker

For painting, Rust-Oleum spray paint is recommended. Spray paint the torso of the nutcracker and the concrete tube. For the arms, cut longer pieces of the Dollar Tree pool noodle and attach them to the torso. For the hands, use the Halloween ornaments from Dollar Tree and hot glue them to the ends of the arms.

Adding Details

Add a cape to the nutcracker, and for the jack-o-lantern, make a hole in the tube with sharp scissors for the power cord to run through. Then, run the power cord through the hole and duct tape the cord to the back. To finish the arms, add another piece of pool noodle and the ornament hand. Add minimal detailing to the legs.

Final Assembly

Put the Headless Horseman Nutcracker together by attaching all the pieces. Place a Dollar Tree bowl on top of the concrete tube and fill it with candy. The Headless Horseman Nutcracker is now ready to be displayed on the front porch or inside the entryway of a home.

Creating a Cement Jack-O-Lantern Fire Pit

Mixing and Pouring Concrete

To create a cement jack-o-lantern fire pit, the first step is to mix up some concrete. The materials required for this project include a pumpkin pail, a larger size container or bottle, decorative rocks, and a Quick Flame.

The pumpkin pail is filled with mixed concrete, making sure it is packed in there tightly. A larger size container or bottle is sprayed with cooking spray and then pushed down into the cement up to the waist. The cement jack-o-lantern is left to sit overnight, and then the container in the middle is removed with a utility knife.

Removing the Mould

Once the container is removed, the cement jack-o-lantern is cleaned up, and Stone textured spray paint is added to give it a more polished look. The eyes, nose, and mouth are painted black to give it some dimension, and decorative rocks are placed inside the jack-o-lantern.

Adding Final Touches

A Quick Flame is added to the center of the jack-o-lantern, and the cement jack-o-lantern fire pit is complete. This DIY project is a viral sensation and a perfect addition to any Halloween-themed decoration.

To complete the Halloween atmosphere, one can also make some Halloween s’mores using ghost peeps and fudge striped cookies. The ghost peeps are toasted and placed between the cookies to make a delicious treat.

Halloween S’mores Hack

In the video, Jane from Chic on the Cheap shows viewers how to make Halloween-themed s’mores using ghost-shaped Peeps and fudge-striped cookies from Dollar Tree. To make the s’mores, viewers can toast the Peeps and then sandwich them between two cookies. Jane notes that this simple and tasty hack is a fun and festive treat for Halloween.

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