Mother’s Day Soap Making Projects

Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate and appreciate the wonderful women in our lives. One of the ways to show our love and appreciation is through handmade gifts. Soap making is a great craft to make for Mother’s Day, as it is both functional and thoughtful. Here are some Mother’s Day soap making craft projects that you can make to give as gifts.

Lavender Oatmeal Soap: Lavender is known for its calming properties and is a great scent for a relaxing soap. Oatmeal adds texture and a gentle exfoliant for the skin. To make this soap, melt a soap base in the microwave or on the stovetop and add lavender essential oil and ground oatmeal. Pour into a mold and let it harden.

Rose Petal Soap: Roses are a classic symbol of love and appreciation. To make rose petal soap, melt a soap base and add rose essential oil and dried rose petals. Pour into a mold and let it harden. For an added touch, sprinkle more rose petals on top of the soap before it hardens.

Lemon Poppyseed Soap: Lemon is a bright and refreshing scent that is perfect for spring. Poppyseeds add texture and a gentle exfoliant for the skin. To make this soap, melt a soap base and add lemon essential oil and poppyseeds. Pour into a mold and let it harden.

Charcoal Tea Tree Soap: Charcoal is known for its cleansing properties, and tea tree oil is great for acne-prone skin. To make this soap, melt a soap base and add activated charcoal and tea tree essential oil. Pour into a mold and let it harden.

Honey and Oatmeal Soap: Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to the skin, and oatmeal is gentle and soothing. To make this soap, melt a soap base and add honey and ground oatmeal. Pour into a mold and let it harden.

These Mother’s Day soap making craft projects are easy and fun to make, and your mom is sure to appreciate the thought and effort that went into making them. Personalize them even further by adding a special label or packaging. Happy soap making and Happy Mother’s Day!

Example Projects

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I’m sharing Spring Bouquet soap. I think this design is very feminine and the fragrance smells like spring! I’m doing a hanger swirl technique using 7 spot colors.

Soap Ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, distilled water, canola oil, sodium hydroxide, coconut milk, floral fragrances, castor oil, sweet almond oil, Shea butter, sea salt, titanium dioxide, cosmetic minerals, mica and glitter.

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This is the perfect blend of pastel purple shades coupled with a very beautiful scent!

This video shows how to make “Roses & Ferns” Mother’s Day soap. They created their little rose embeds ahead of time using their soap dough (we use our regular soap recipe to create our soap dough) and they piped their fern leaves from a piping bag a couple of days before they made the actual soap. The fern leaves have a spritzed solution of mica and rubbing alcohol to ensure a good, even coverage of color on them.

To create the actual soap, they used their regular soap recipe and split the batter in half, coloring half with purple mica and leaving the other half plain. Then used the in the pot swirl technique to swirl the two colors together and then poured them into the mold. The top was then carefully decorated with the pre-made rose and fern leaf embeds and the whole loaf was covered and left for 24 hours before unmoulding and cutting took place.

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How to make a Mother’s Day Soap – Kiss Pour technique

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This video shows a lovely pastel color soap with an inner decoration made of soap dough and the use of the Secret Feather swirl technique for the stem and leaves of the flower. The colorants used for this tutorial are light green and darker green micas for the swirl and red mica for the remaining part.

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This video shows some rose-scented soaps and some lavender and lemongrass soaps using the simple melt-and-pour method.

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INGREDIENTS: Titanium Dioxide – ½ tbsp (pre-mixed with oil) Rose Essential Oil 5ml About 250 gr. Pink confetti soap (same recipe – colored with Pink Clay and shreded) Roses: Pink clay ½ tsp PPO Spirulina 1 tsp PPO *PPO = per pound oil

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Rose Petal Hand Soaps are perfect for Mother’s Day, a gift for a friend, or bathroom decor.

Method: We used synthetic roses from Michaels and cut the pieces into individual rose petals. We were picky with the roses that we used, me made sure to pick up a nice batch of flowers. After trimming the rose petals we used metal clips and bamboo skewers to dip the petals in clear glycerin soap, and then placed them to dry over a plastic bin. We then dipped the petals a second time and allowed them to dry for a few minutes. After fully dried, I cut off any areas that did not get dipped and any excess dripping.

Materials: * Synthetic Roses * Scissors * Clear Glycerin Soap * Fragrance * Bamboo Skewers * Metal Clips * Drying Rack or Bin * Measuring Cup

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