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With the holiday season fast approaching, there are numerous ways to get creative with Dollar Tree glass mugs. In this article, the focus will be on unique ways to use these mugs, including some great gift ideas.

The first project involves creating a melted snowman in a cup version. The outside of the mug is painted with chalk paint to adhere to the glass surface. A styrofoam cupcake-shaped piece is placed inside the mug, covered with hot glue, and painted to look like hot cocoa. A styrofoam snowman is added to the top, along with glitter and twigs for arms. This creates an adorable cup of hot cocoa that is perfect for the winter season.

Key Takeaways

  • Glass mugs from Dollar Tree can be used in creative ways for the holiday season.
  • Painting the outside of the mug with chalk paint and using styrofoam pieces can create unique designs.
  • Adding small details such as glitter, twigs, and stickers can make a big impact on the final product.
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Snowman Glass Mug Creation

Painting the Mug

To create a snowman glass mug, the first step is to paint the outside of the mug with chalk paint. The best paint that adheres or sticks to the glass mugs is chalk paint. Katelyn used a darker peacock color for the mug but later decided to paint the handle with a lighter aqua blue color to fit the snowman theme.

Preparing the Styrofoam Base

Katelyn discovered that the little cupcake-shaped Styrofoam piece fits perfectly inside the mugs. She usually sets them down inside the mug and tacks them down on the top. To cover the entire top of the Styrofoam with a layer of hot glue, she recommends using a hot cocoa color. This will help to avoid the Styrofoam texture for the mugs.

Assembling the Melted Snowman

To create a melted snowman, Katelyn used a styrofoam snowman ornament, removed the tag, and pulled off the bottom part of the snowman. She marked how far she needed the puddle to look like a real melted snowman, filled it in with hot glue, and set it down in the mug while still melty. Then, she painted it white and glued on the snowman’s nose. She added some glitter to the snowman and used twigs as arms to complete the look.

Adding Final Touches

To add final touches to the snowman glass mug, Katelyn added a little snowflake to the front and tied little ribbons and bells around the top. She also suggested using stickers on the mug, which are easily removable to avoid messing with the mug’s design. This cute little cup of hot cocoa is perfect for the upcoming holiday season and can be cherished for years.

Candy and Socks Mug Gift Idea

Pairing Candy with Socks

The Dollar Tree offers a fun and unique gift idea that involves pairing name brand candy with matching socks. This is an inexpensive present that can be put together for only $3 or $4. To make this gift, clear mugs are not painted and the actual candy is paired with the matching pair of socks. To make the gift more festive, the socks and candy are placed in a loot bag and a few Hershey’s kisses are added to make the bag look fuller. The bag is then tied with a ribbon and a bow, and jingle bells are added for extra detail. The mug can be decorated with stickers, which can easily be removed so that the recipient can reuse the mug.

Packaging the Gift

To package the gift, start by tying the bags with the ribbon first and then making a bow so that it is easier to tie the perfect bow. Then, tie on some jingle bells for extra detail.

Adding Decorative Elements

For a fun and unique faux dessert, paint the clear mug a teal, turquoise, or aqua blue color. Then, paint the handle red to add a pop of color. Place a styrofoam piece in the mug and cover it with hot glue. To make fake icing, use Dollar Tree spackling and add a little bit of water to create an icing consistency. Put the icing inside of an icing bag with a star tip and pipe it onto the styrofoam piece. Cover any imperfections with fine white glitter and add adorable gingerbread men, snowflakes, and candy canes.

Another fun project involves creating faux milk with cookies. Paint two clear glass mugs a bright crimson color and stick the little styrofoam pieces down in there. Fill the top with Dollar Tree caulking or caulk to get the fake milk look. After it dries, pair the mug with cookies for a cute and festive gift.

Overall, these Dollar Tree glass mugs are perfect for creating unique and inexpensive gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

Faux Dessert Mug Design

Painting and Handle Color Contrast

For this unique faux dessert mug design, the outside of the glass mug is painted with chalk paint. The darker peacock color is used as the base color, while the handle is painted with a lighter aqua blue color to create a color contrast that fits the snowman theme.

Creating Fake Icing

To create the fake icing, Dollar Tree spackling is used, mixed with a little bit of water to achieve an icing-like consistency. The spackling is then piped onto the top of the mug using an icing bag with a star tip. To fill in the top, a small Styrofoam ball is added. Once the spackling is piped and spread all over the top, it is covered with a fine white glitter to hide any imperfections.

Decorating with Gingerbread Men and Glitter

After the fake icing is added, the mug is decorated with gingerbread men, snowflakes, and candy cane ornaments. Sprinkles from the Dollar Tree resin section are also added for an extra touch. The final result is a cute and festive mug that will be perfect for a hot cocoa bar during the holiday season.

Faux Milk with Cookies Mug Project

Preparing the Mug Base

To create a faux milk with cookies mug, the first step is to take two clear glass mugs and paint them with a bright crimson red color. Then, take a small cupcake-shaped styrofoam piece and place it inside the mug. Tack it down on the top with hot glue. To avoid the styrofoam texture, cover the entire top with a layer of hot glue, let it dry, and then paint it with a hot cocoa color.

Creating the Fake Milk Effect

To create the fake milk effect, use Dollar Tree’s caulking or caulk and fill the entire top of the mug. It may take some time to pipe it out, but a dow rod can be used to smooth it out. The caulking will have gaps, holes, and bubbles in it. Therefore, paint it white to fill in the little holes.

Painting and Finishing Touches

After painting the caulking white, let it dry, and then make some cookies. The Crayola air d clay can be used to make the cookies. Once the cookies are made, pair them with the faux milk mug. It will take a couple of days for the caulking to dry, but it will give the mug a realistic look of fake milk.

This project is a fun and unique way to use Dollar Tree glass mugs for the holiday season. The mug can be a great gift idea, especially when paired with cookies. The chalk paint is recommended for adhering to the glass mugs, and it is suggested to paint the outside of the mug instead of the inside. The handle can be painted with a different color to give it a pop of color. Overall, this project is a cute and fun decor piece that can be cherished for years.