How to Make DIY Bath Bomb Cupcakes

In this video, Anne Marie is going to show you how to pump up your bath time just a notch. Bath fizzy cupcakes, aren’t these amazing? They smell so good and they look so good. They’re practically looking edible. Maybe eating them is not a good idea. If you’ve never made bath fizzies before, check out the introduction to making bath fizzies video before this to get all the basics.

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Bath Bombs: 1 cup Citric Acid – 2 cups Baking Soda – Orange Sherbet Fragrance Oil – Coral LaBomb Colorant – Cupcake Liners – Cupcake Mold

Frosting: 1 1/2 cups Meringue Powder – 1/2 cup warm water – 8 tablespoons Jojoba Oil – 2 cups Powdered Sugar – 1 1/2 teaspoons Cream of Tartar – 1 3/4 cups Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) – Vanilla Frosting Fragrance Oil – Vanilla Color Stabilizer – Tropical Pink LabColor – Jojoba Beads or Glitter (optional) – Dust Mask

Before Anne Marie starts, she’s going to take two seconds and line this cupcake mold with cupcake liners. In this mixing bowl, Anne Marie is adding 1 cup of citric acid and 2 cups of baking soda. Work this around with your hands to get rid of any clumps because remember, clumps equal warts in your finished bath bombs.

Once the clumps are gone, it’s time to add fragrance. Any skin-safe fragrance oil or essential oil will do, but in this case, Anne Marie is using orange sherbert from Soapy Love’s Delectable Desserts line. It smells just like the orange sherbert treats Anne Marie used to have when she was a kid.

Anne Marie adds 18 milliliters of the orange sherbert fragrance oil or about 6 dropperfuls. Then it’s time to add the colorant. Anne Marie is using an orange coral lip balm colorant. It’s a perfect color to match the orange sherbert fragrance.

Just about 12 drops of this orange color, and that looks pretty good. Now that this is the consistency Anne Marie wants, it’s time to get it into the cupcake mold. If you don’t have a silicone cupcake mold, it’s okay to use a regular metal baking cupcake tin. Just make sure to line it with cupcake liners first, or else these cupcake bath fizzies are never coming out.

Pack these in as tightly as possible. Keep adding more until you have a nice rounded top. Normally with bath fizzies, Anne Marie would ask you to make them flush, but not in this case. We’re going to use the rounded top to help mound up that icing later. That was the last one. Now we’re going to set these aside for five to ten minutes while we make our frosting.

The frosting is really easy to make. You can either use this nice electric mixer like Anne Marie is using, or you can use a stick blender, which is commonly used for making whipped cream. Or you could use a whisk and a lot of elbow grease.

The first tip is to blend meringue powder with water. Anne Marie is using one and a half cups of meringue powder and about half a cup of warm water. Turn the mixer on to low. We don’t want any of that powder going all over the place. Once all the powder has been wetted down, increase the blender speed to medium.

Blend for around two minutes or until it’s fully smooth and all the clumps are worked out. Once the meringue powder is fully wet and mixed in, it’s time to add the rest of the ingredients. Add eight tablespoons of jojoba oil, and two cups of powdered sugar, and now it’s time for the sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

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SLS tickles the back of Anne Marie’s throat, so she likes to use a mask when working with SLS, and she recommends you do the same. Add in 3/4 cup of SLS, and finally, add one and a half teaspoons of cream of tartar. Because this is very, very powdery, what tends to happen is if you turn on the mixer right now, all the powder goes poof poof poof poof poof.

And because the SLS is so irritating to nostrils and throats, Anne Marie doesn’t like that. So we’re going to do the extra step of hand mixing in slowly. If your mixer is anything like Anne Marie’s, it tends not to get all the way out to the sides or down to the bottom. So just take your spatula and slowly work it around the sides or caddy on the bottom, making sure everything is fully mixed in.

Now that most of the powders are in, Anne Marie is going to take her mask off, and it’s time to mix the fragrance with the vanilla color stabilizer. For the frosting, Anne Marie is going to be using vanilla frosting fragrance from the Soapy Love Delectable Desserts line.

To keep the fragrance from turning the frosting brown, she’s also going to be using the vanilla color stabilizer that comes with her kit. It’s using equal portions of fragrance oil to the vanilla color stabilizer. In this case, Anne Marie is doing half an ounce of vanilla frosting to half an ounce of vanilla color stabilizer. Just mix these two together and add them to your frosting mixture. Turn your mixer on to low to let this get started mixing. It’s looking pretty good. Now it is a good consistency.

Turn the mixer off, and it’s time to add the colorant. This is tropical pink lab color. It’s diluted fully, and Anne Marie is going to use about nine milliliters to get a great-looking pink frosting. The colorant and the fragrance are in.

Just keep mixing on medium for a couple of minutes. After this has been mixing for just a couple of minutes, it’s time to stop your mixer and take your spatula and go all the way around the sides and the bottom to get all of the uncolored frosting mixed in well. Turn this on for another thirty seconds, and you’re done. Anne Marie likes her frosting a little stiff, but if you like a thinner frosting, you can add water. Starting in one dropperful at a time this recipe, all the way up to a full half a cup of water, until you get the consistency that you love.

Now it’s time to prepare your frosting bag. Cut off the tip and shove your frosting tip all the way down until it’s fully exposed. Now turn the bag inside out. Take some heaping tablespoons and fill your bag. Three or four should do the trick.

Now press all the frosting forward. Don’t let it come out the tip, though, just up until there. Then take a twist tie and twist tie the back of that bag off just to keep any frosting from coming out the back. Hold the frosting bag like this between your thumb and your forefinger. See how you can direct the frosting bag with your left hand while squeezing with your right?

Now it’s time to frost. Here we go. Start in the middle and then work your way slowly out. Isn’t that turning out great? Anne Marie loves this tip. Make a little dollop, and you’re all done. One perfect cupcake done and on to the next.

These look great, but a little plain. If you want to dress them up, the time to do it is when the frosting is still moist. Here are some jojoba beads and a little bit of glitter. Don’t have a piping bag? Don’t have a frosting tip? It’s okay. Anne Marie has a way that you can use a bag, just a plain old ziplock-type bag, to actually do this. Open the bag up, heap some tablespoons of frosting in there, and then snip off a corner.

Squeeze that frosting to the corner almost all the way, just like the regular frosting bag. Take this to the end, put it between your thumb and your forefinger, gently squeeze with your right hand while guiding with your left, and go around in a circle. Mound it up in the middle, and you’re all done. Doesn’t that look great? Let’s try some jojoba beads on this too. The purple adds a nice touch.

Let these bath fizzies dry for 12 to 24 hours before packaging them. You can package them in any number of things. An easy way to do it is a cellophane bag and just a ribbon.

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