High-End Outdoor Pottery Barn DUPES!

What if I told you The Daily DIYer could save over sixteen hundred dollars by DIYing these outdoor Pottery Barn products? You’d probably be asking, “How do I do that?” Well, The Daily DIYer is here to show you how. Now let’s dive into our first DIY Pottery Barn dupe.

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Juliet glazed terracotta Planters

Head over to Dollar Tree for similar shaped Planters with a rounded Edge. This is going to be a quick and easy update, requiring only some chalk paint and a foam paintbrush. Refer back to the original photos as much as possible to get these dupes as close to the originals as we can. The Juliet planters have a white outside, so The Daily DIYer will use white chalk paint, specifically in the color plaster, which is an off-white shade.

Apply one coat of chalk paint, allowing some of the texture and color of the original pots to show through, giving them a more stone-like appearance. Focus on the inside and the top edge, which is a terracotta color on the original. Create a custom paint color by mixing pumpkin and crimson colors from the Waverly chalk paint. Apply this paint to the inside edge with a foam paintbrush, being careful to meet up with the white paint on the top edge. No need to tape anything off; keep it easy and quick.

Continue with the planting process. Look for boxwood at the local tractor supply store, which is commonly seen in Pottery Barn magazines and online. Plant the boxwood in the painted Dollar Tree Planters, creating a set of three. The originals would have cost around $597 for three planters, but The Daily DIYer made them for only $33.75, including the bushes inside. While they may not be natural stones like the Pottery Barn ones, they still achieve the desired look without the high price tag.

Copper Plant Labels

For labels, they used plant labels from Dollar Tree, which were transformed into high-end metal-like labels using copper spray paint. The spray paint worked like magic, turning the plastic labels into shimmering copper accents that resembled expensive metal labels. They carefully inserted the painted labels into the soil, adding a touch of elegance and organization to the garden.

To create a cozy seating area near the garden, The Daily DIYer repurposed wooden pallets into rustic outdoor benches. They acquired the pallets for free from a local warehouse and gave them a thorough cleaning. With some sanding and a couple of coats of outdoor wood stain, the pallets were transformed into sturdy and charming seating options.

To make the benches more comfortable, The Daily DIYer sewed outdoor cushions using durable fabric and foam padding. They chose a vibrant pattern that complemented the garden’s color scheme and tied the space together. The cushions were attached to the pallets using heavy-duty Velcro, ensuring they stayed in place during use.

To complete the outdoor oasis, The Daily DIYer added some decorative touches. They hung string lights along the perimeter of the seating area, creating a warm and inviting ambiance for evening gatherings. They also placed a small table in the center, crafted from a repurposed wooden crate, to hold drinks and snacks.

Veda Tall Planter

The Daily DIYer discovered an incredible find at Sam’s Club—a knockoff and dupe of the Barn Veda tall planter priced at only $49.98. They had been searching for a similar planter to enhance their front porch, and this one fit the bill perfectly.

The cost savings were remarkable, as they managed to save $60 compared to the original. If you’re lucky enough to find them at Sam’s Club or order them online for in-store pickup, you’ll be amazed by the beauty of these planters. Adding a simple fern or any plant of your choice is a quick and easy way to enhance their appeal. While it may not require a DIY effort, it certainly serves as an excellent Pottery Barn dupe that will help you save a significant amount of money.

DIY Fountain

The Daily DIYer embarked on a project to recreate the tall black pedestal fountain from Pottery Barn. Instead of spending $999, they aimed to make their own version for under $100. They discovered a 12-quart mixing bowl at Marshalls for $14.99, which would serve as the base of their dupe. Opting for durability, they decided to use black chalk paint instead of spray paint, providing three coats on the inside and three more on the bottom.

To protect the paint from the sun, they applied two coats of clear matte spray paint on both sides of the bowl. The Daily DIYer cleverly repurposed the same Sam’s Club planter used in a previous project as the foundation of their fountain. They added the painted bowl on top to achieve the desired look, resembling the original Pottery Barn piece. To create the fountain effect, they placed a planter bottom, washed Dollar Tree river rocks, and a solar-powered fountain in the bowl. With access to sunlight, the fountain instantly came to life, bearing a striking resemblance to the expensive original.

Next, the Daily DIYer turned their attention to monogram moss letters, often seen at Pottery Barn for $79 each. They found large-scale wooden letters at Hobby Lobby for $12.99, and by waiting for a 40% off sale, they managed to purchase them for only $8.80. They also acquired a convenient moss sheet, which unfolded to the perfect size for the letter H. Following a straightforward process, they traced the wooden letter onto the moss sheet, cut it out, and adhered it to the wood. A white burlap ribbon served as a hanger, attached to the back of the letter using staples from a rechargeable staple gun. The result was a beautiful monogram moss letter that exuded the same elegance as its Pottery Barn counterpart, but at a fraction of the cost—only $21.

The Daily DIYer demonstrated once again their knack for finding budget-friendly alternatives and transforming them into stunning pieces that rival high-end designs. Their resourcefulness and creativity allowed them to achieve remarkable savings while adding personalized touches to their home decor.

DIY Trellis

The Daily DIYer couldn’t contain their excitement about the next project—a trellis that had caught their eye. The Pottery Barn version was priced at $49.50, but they were determined to create their own for less than five dollars. Their budget-friendly solution involved an eight-by-ten stretched canvas from Dollar Tree. They carefully removed the canvas fabric from the frame, discarding the backside.

Flipping the canvas over, they gathered long bamboo barbecue skewers, also from Dollar Tree. Using hot glue, they attached the skewers to all four corners of the inside of the frame, bringing them together at the top. To secure the points permanently, they utilized regular floral wire, cutting it to size and wrapping it around the frame and each skewer. Once everything was in place, the excess wire was trimmed, ensuring a clean finish.

To reinforce the top section, the Daily DIYer initially added a rubber band but recognized its temporary nature. They opted to tie some jute twine instead, providing a more durable solution. To add an extra touch of elegance, they sourced finials designed for metal fences from Amazon. With the help of E6000 glue, they secured one finial to the top of the trellis, creating a cohesive and polished appearance.

To achieve a cohesive look, the trellis and its components received three coats of black matte spray paint. Despite the challenging weather conditions during the painting process, including 40 mph winds, the Daily DIYer persevered. The result was an impressive trellis that closely resembled the original but at a fraction of the cost. The inclusion of the finials added a touch of sophistication to the project.

The Daily DIYer couldn’t help but be completely obsessed with their creation. While the Pottery Barn trellis nearly reached fifty dollars, theirs came in at an incredible $5.55. The finials, priced at just $1.80 each, proved to be an excellent investment, as they were made of heavy cast iron, perfect for future projects.

With a before-and-after comparison, the Daily DIYer proudly showcased their trellis, highlighting its remarkable affordability. They celebrated the joy of saving money while still creating a beautiful home. Their resourcefulness and knack for finding budget-friendly alternatives were evident once again, proving that DIY projects could be both cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing.

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