Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a special day in February when people look for a groundhog to come out of its hole. If it is sunny and the groundhog sees its shadow, we will have six more weeks of winter. If the sky is cloudy and there is no shadow, spring will come early.

On this special day, people often gather to watch a groundhog come out of its burrow and make its prediction. Groundhog Day has been celebrated in the United States since 1887, although it is said to be based on an ancient European tradition.

After the groundhog has made its prediction, festivities usually follow, including music, food, and other activities. Groundhog Day is also celebrated in other countries, such as Canada, where the groundhog of choice is a marmot.

Whatever the country or creature used to make the prediction, one thing remains the same: people are hoping for an early spring!

So this February 2nd, look for your local groundhog and get ready for the celebrations that might follow.

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