Fall Craft Projects For Kids

Fall is a wonderful season that provides the perfect opportunity to engage kids in various crafting activities. From pumpkin-themed decorations to leafy wreaths, many fall craft projects are perfect for children. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Leaf rubbing art: 

Collect different leaves in various shapes and sizes and use them to create unique leaf rubbing art. Place the leaf on a piece of paper, cover it with a thin sheet of paper and then gently rub the side of a crayon or pencil over the leaf. This will reveal the intricate details of the leaf on the paper.

Pinecone bird feeder: 

Collect some pinecones and attach a string or ribbon to the top. Then, spread peanut butter or suet on the pinecone and roll it in birdseed. Hang the pinecone feeder outside and watch the birds come to feed.

Acorn necklace: 

Collect some acorns and paint them with acrylic paint. When dry, attach a string or ribbon to each acorn and tie the strings together to make a unique necklace.

Fall wreath: 

Collect various colorful fall leaves, acorns, pinecones, and other natural materials, and use them to make a fall wreath. Glue the materials to a foam wreath base, making sure to overlap the leaves and other materials for a full and festive look.

Pumpkin painting: 

Buy small pumpkins and let your children use paint or markers to decorate them. They can create fun designs or use stencils to make patterns.

Fall handprint art: 

Use washable paint to make handprint art with your kids. Paint their hands and have them press them onto a piece of paper. Let them add leaves, acorns, and other fall-themed decorations to their handprints.

Fall lanterns: 

Take a mason jar and paint it in fall colors like red, orange, and yellow. Then, use a small tea light or battery-operated candle to light up the lantern.

Leaf crowns: 

Collect some fall leaves and use a glue gun to attach them to a ribbon or piece of elastic that fits around your child’s head. They can wear their leaf crowns all fall long!

Fall is a great time to spend time with your children and engage them in fun and creative activities. With these fall craft projects, you can help your kids celebrate the season and create lasting memories.

Kim Lazaroe

Hi, my name is Kim. I've always enjoyed making crafts for each holiday and season throughout the year. My fond memories are making crafts with my mom or helping my dad build something around the house. Now I get to create new crafting memories with my daughter and husband as well as share my knowledge and experience in crafting with the world. Hope you enjoy my site.

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