Easy Mod Podge Earrings Tutorial – Perfect to Sell or Gift

We’re excited to share an easy Mod Podge earrings tutorial that’s perfect for selling or gifting. If you’re looking for a fun and creative project that allows you to express your personal style and make unique jewelry pieces, you’ve come to the right place.

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the steps of creating stunning earrings using Mod Podge, satin, sparkle, and a touch of bling. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned DIY enthusiast, these earrings are quick, budget-friendly, and make for fabulous gifts or items to sell at craft fairs. Let’s dive in and discover how you can unleash your creativity with Mod Podge and craft beautiful earrings that will impress everyone!

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In this video, Kathy is making a whole bunch of earrings, and she’s so excited to share this project with you. If you’re making stuff to sell or making stuff to give, this is a really fun, quick, and easy jewelry project that you can make. Take a look at all these cute designs. She’s going to show you some tips and tricks for adding Sparkles and Tiny rhinestones using Mod Podge.

To pull it all together, she’s going to be using Mod Podge in satin to create these looks. She likes using satin for the fashion projects because it’s not too shiny and it’s not too matte. She’s also using Mod Podge Sparkle, which is one of her favorite formulas. It has just a little tiny bit of a glittery hint to it. Let’s take a look at one of the earrings with that glitter in there. She hopes you can see that on these little snowmen. That is the Mod Podge Sparkle. So she’s going to show you how you can add that sparkle to create some unique looks.

She’s going to be using the Mod Podge detail brushes, which is a great set of brushes that comes with all kinds of different tiny brushes for painting those little tiny details. She’s got her wood blanks, which you can buy in bulk. This is a super budget-friendly project to do. And what you’re going to want to use is paper—small prints of your holiday prints. Of course, you could make these for any time of year, but she wanted to do something for the holidays. So let’s get diving into how she makes these earrings. She’s also going to show you how you can jazz up an earring stand like this with just a little bit of decorations. Okay, let’s do it.

So today, she’s going to be using this cute Santa paper and these wood teardrop blanks. Again, she got these in bulk, but they were at all the craft stores. So if you want to get a bunch, order online or head over to your local craft store. She’s just going to take that teardrop shape and then line it up onto her Santa face and just pencil around it. For this project, she’s penciling on the top, even though she normally likes to pencil on the back, but it makes her cutting line a little bit easier, and she can really line it up with her pattern that way.

She’s using Mod Podge satin for this project, and she’s just going to use a small amount. She likes to use a small paintbrush for this, and she’s going to apply that Mod Podge to the very back of her paper, just a thin coat. She really doesn’t need too much for this. If she uses too much, she might end up with wrinkles. So just a thin coat. Then she’s going to position it right onto the wood. She doesn’t need to pre-prime the wood; she can put it right onto the bare wood. Then she has enough time to just sort of wiggle it around and get it into position. She likes to press it down onto a piece of wax paper just to help with any wrinkles and smooth that out. Then she flips it over and lets that dry for about 15 minutes before she top coats it.

Now she’s going to poke a hole. She’s just using a toothpick to poke a hole through the paper and then give it a little twist, and that will give her a nice clean look. Now she’s ready to top coat. She wants to do nice, even brush strokes, just a thin coat, but nice, even brush strokes. She’s going to use Sparkle Mod Podge to add some sparkle to Santa’s beard and hat. She’s using the detail paint brushes from Michaels. These are the perfect size for all of her small projects. She’ll just paint the sparkle Mod Podge right onto the beard or any place where she wants a little bit of sparkle.

This is Sparkle, so it has a light sparkle. If she wanted something heavier, she could use Mod Podge Mega Glitter or Extreme Glitter. She grabs some gems and adds a few little gems here and there on all of these projects. This is a great way to add just a tiny bit of bling. She adds some snow to the snowmen. She brushes the Sparkle Mod Podge right across the paper for an all-over look. It creates a sparkly background. Very, very simple.

Now, let’s add some bling. She’s using the same Mod Podge Sparkle. She adds a drop or two here and there and then places a gem right on top of it. It’s so simple to do. She loves all these little great colors that they have. Now, for this, she’s just going to line three up. You can add details to any of your prints using sparkles and little rhinestones. She uses the end of her paintbrush just to line everything up. Look at those adorable little stars. So really look around at the craft store and try to find lightweight small things that you can add to your earrings.

Okay, now that you see how easy it is to get that paper down using Mod Podge, she wants to show you how you actually turn these pieces into an earring. She has her pieces here that are dry. Let’s take a look at that sparkle real quick. Look at that, isn’t that so beautiful? So she has her Sparkle Mod Podge there, and then she has her little rhinestone. She hopes you can see that at home. So cute. She loves this. She loves the little Santa.

She’s going to use an ear wire and some jump rings. On her ear wire, she has attached a small jump ring to the bottom. Then she’s going to use a large jump ring to go through the hole on her wood piece. She takes the jump ring and goes right through the hole, like so. Then she wants to make sure that her ear wire is going the right direction.

So she just feeds that through, just like so. Then she grabs her pliers, closes it up, and pinches it to make sure it’s good. And that’s how quickly she can turn that into an earring. So again, she has her ear wire piece, she’s got one small jump ring, and then she’s got her larger jump ring. The most important thing is making sure that her ear wire is going the right direction; otherwise, her earring would hang backward, and that wouldn’t be too cute. That’s how easy it is to do that.

You can see she is all set up with her cute earring display. She had this earring display already from her bedroom, and she just went ahead and used a pipe cleaner to attach some fun ribbons and just a little festive holiday sprig and some ornament balls. So easy. If you are setting up at a craft fair or a school boutique, you can trick out your displays even with a little bit of festive decor, and it will look so cute. And the blanks, she talked about them briefly at the beginning. These blanks, you can buy them in bulk online. They’re at all the craft stores.

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