Get Inspired: Insanely Easy DIY Crafts Using Dollar Tree Fabric for Summer Decor

Hey there, crafty mamas! Summer is in full swing, and if you’re like me, you’re itching to give your home a fresh and vibrant makeover. Well, guess what? I’ve got a treat for you! In today’s blog post, we’re diving headfirst into the wonderful world of DIY crafts using Dollar Tree fabric.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – DIY can sometimes be as tricky as a game of Twister, but fear not! These projects are as easy as pie (and way more fun!). So grab your glue gun, dust off your sewing machine, and let’s embark on a creative journey that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Trust me, you won’t believe what you can achieve with just a few bucks and a whole lot of imagination. Are you ready to dive in? Let’s do this, ladies!

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If you like quick and easy Dollar Tree hacks, this is the episode for you. Let’s get started. Summertime is one of Lianep’s favorite times to go to Dollar Tree and find cute items to craft with.

Lianep has used fabric before, but this time she’s using Dollar Tree’s new summer designs. She grabbed every design she loved and started with a beautiful flower design that was initially wrinkled. Lianep used a mini press, a tiny iron, to flatten it out a bit.

She also grabbed a book she already had, cutting out 10 pages and removing the edges with words, keeping only the usable area. Lianep marked the center of the bottom, about two and a half inches up, and cut it into a V shape to create a banner.

To make the banner, Lianep traced a wooden flower from Dollar Tree onto the fabric and cut out five identical flowers. She attached one flower to each paper flag using fabric glue, making sure they were centered.

Then she attached a second piece of the flag to the back, using double-sided tape to make it sturdy. Lianep trimmed them to the same size and attached them to a string, leaving about four or five inches between each flag.

To secure them further, she added masking tape and added greenery between each flag for texture and color.

The next DIY craft involved using leftover fabric in pink, white, and coral colors. Lianep flattened the fabric, stacked them on top of each other, and cut them into two-inch strips.

She tied the strips onto a small wire wreath from Dollar Tree, making sure to maintain the same pattern with the fabric. Lianep covered the wire portion with green fabric, wrapping it up and down, and securing it with hot glue. She then added greenery and flowers to create a colorful wreath.

For the third DIY craft, Lianep used a seahorse sign from Dollar Tree. She sanded off the glittery portion and sprayed it with adhesive.

Lianep covered it with pink and white fabric, cutting off the excess, and attached greenery, flowers, and seashells for a summery look. She added a string or ribbon to the back for hanging.

In the final DIY craft, Lianep used an announcement board from Dollar Tree, painted it with ocean-colored chalk paint, and flattened a butterfly fabric.

She folded the fabric in half lengthwise, made a knot in the center, and glued the ends to the board. She added greenery and a small yellow flower on each side of the knot to complete the look.

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In this video, Holly is going to make some awesome things using Dollar Tree fabric.

For this project, Holly used a photo album. She had a cookbook that she lost during a recent move, which contained all her favorite recipes collected over the years.

To make up for the loss, she decided to treat herself and create an awesome cookbook using index cards. She writes down her favorite recipes on the cards and slides them into the album.

This way, she can keep her notes and recipes organized in a waterproof and easy-to-clean format.

To make the album look pretty, Holly starts by covering it with farmhouse-themed fabric. She wraps it like a present, ensuring a nice hem around the edges to prevent fraying.

She makes some adjustments around the spine of the album by creating slits and folding the flaps over. She also preserves the open area where a photo can be placed on the front of the album to add character.

Holly then moves on to another project using a cutting board shape. She removes the top board from an Easter-themed cutting board she had and prepares it for decoration.

She sprays water on the board to remove the paper, sands it for a smooth surface, and applies white paint. She uses a stencil to add the words “Farm Fresh” and trims the edges. Finally, she attaches a wooden star in the center to complete the decoration.

Next, Holly shows how to make a decoration using a terracotta pot. She covers the pot with sunflower-themed fabric using generous amounts of Mod Podge for adhesion.

She trims the excess fabric and fills the pot with greenery for a fresh and summery look.

In another project, Holly transforms a wooden crate using plaster-colored chalk paint to give it a soft creamy white finish.

She then uses aquamarine fabric to create a mini pillowcase by gluing the sides and bottom together, leaving the top open. She fills it with poly fiberfill to create a pin cushion.

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