Earth Day Projects

Earth Day, which falls on April 22nd, is a time to reflect on our impact on the environment and what we can do to reduce it. One way to celebrate Earth Day is by creating eco-friendly crafts using recycled materials. In this article, we’ll explore some Earth Day craft projects that are not only fun but also sustainable.

Recycled Flower Pot: Turn an old tin can or plastic container into a stylish flower pot. All you need is a can, some paint, and a few decorations to transform it into a beautiful container for your favorite plants.

Bottle Cap Magnets: Save your bottle caps and turn them into magnets. Paint them in bright colors and attach small magnets to the back. You can use them to display photos or notes on your refrigerator.

Egg Carton Flower Garland: Cut egg cartons into flower shapes and paint them in bright colors. String them together to make a flower garland that can be hung on a wall or used as a decoration for a party.

Recycled Magazine Coasters: Use old magazines to create beautiful coasters. Simply cut the pages into strips and weave them together into a coaster. Seal the coaster with Mod Podge to make it water-resistant.

Bird Feeder: Make a bird feeder from an old plastic bottle. Cut a hole in the side of the bottle and fill it with birdseed. Hang it from a tree and watch the birds come to feed.

T-Shirt Tote Bag: Turn an old t-shirt into a reusable tote bag. Cut the sleeves off the t-shirt and stitch the bottom closed. Then cut the neckline into a U-shape to make the opening for the bag.

Seed Paper: Make your own seed paper by mixing recycled paper with water and seeds. Press the mixture into a mold and let it dry. Once dry, you can plant the paper in soil and watch it grow into flowers or herbs.

Pinecone Bird Ornaments: Collect pinecones and use them to create bird ornaments. Paint the pinecones in bright colors and add feathers and googly eyes to make them look like birds.

Recycled Glass Jar Lanterns: Turn old glass jars into lanterns. Paint the jars in bright colors and attach wire to the top to hang them from trees or hooks.

These Earth Day craft projects are a fun way to celebrate our planet and learn about the importance of sustainability. By using recycled materials and creating something new, we can help reduce waste and preserve the earth for future generations.

Example Projects

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Checkout these 3 super fun, mess free earth day craft ideas for kids????

Craft Materials : ????Tissue paper Earth day Craft : Tissue paper, Glue, Paper ????Puffy Paint Earth day craft : Glue, Foamy shaving Cream, Popsicle stick, Food colors, Paper ????Fingerprint Earth day Craft : Acrylic colors, Paper

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Earth Day is right around the corner. What better way to prepare than by a craft that will not only be fun, but will encourage little ones to plant? Try out our Seed Paper activity with your kiddos this Earth Day. We used wildflower seeds, but you can use any type of seeds you want. Grow, grow, grow! ????????????

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Use a punch balloon for strength and size, and combine equal parts flour and water to create your paste.

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This gorgeous newspaper Earth Day Craft is a perfect craft for celebrating Earth Day on April 22. It’s super simple to make and gorgeous!

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