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Are you looking for some fun and easy DIY ideas for Valentine’s Day? Look no further, because the Dollar Tree has got you covered! In this article, we will share some of the best Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day DIYs ever, as discovered by a humorous DIY enthusiast.

From creating a sweetheart box to making a candy necklace pool noodle and a gumball machine lookalike, these DIYs are sure to impress your loved ones. So, grab some supplies from the Dollar Tree and get ready to unleash your creativity!

Key Takeaways

  • Dollar Tree has a variety of affordable supplies for Valentine’s Day DIY projects.
  • These DIYs include creating a sweetheart box, a candy necklace pool noodle, and a gumball machine lookalike.
  • These projects are easy to make and can make great gifts for your loved ones.
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Sweetheart Box Creation

Foam Board Cutting

To create the rectangular box, the crafter uses a razor to cut pieces of foam board. An L bracket is used to measure and cut the front and back pieces of the box, which are 23 inches long and 15 inches wide. The extra foam hanging from the side of the front and back pieces are used to cut the side pieces of the box.

Heart Cut-Out

Using a light trace, the crafter cuts out a heart shape on the front of one of the foam board pieces.

Poster Board Border

Red poster board from Dollar Tree is used to create a border for the top of the box at the front and a small heart for the front of the box. The poster board is glued to the foam board.

Assembly and Gluing

The crafter assembles the box by gluing the pieces of foam board together. Extra glue is applied wherever two pieces meet to ensure the box is secure.

Conversation Heart Banner

The crafter cuts pieces from a conversation heart door banner and glues them to the inside of the box toward the back.

Adding Height to Hearts

To add height to the hearts, the crafter cuts small pieces of extra foam board and stacks them on top of each other.

Sweethearts Lettering

Using a pencil, the crafter writes “sweethearts” on a piece of foam board and outlines it with a paint pen. Acrylic paint is then used to fill in the lettering.

The box is hung upside down on the wall using command strips, and hearts are glued coming out of the bottom of the box.

This DIY is inspired by Turtle Creek Lane, who decorates her house beautifully. The crafter took inspiration from a screenshot of her decor from two years ago.

Overall, this sweetheart box is a super adorable and easy DIY that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Candy Necklace Pool Noodles

Cutting Pool Noodles

For this DIY, one needs pool noodles from Dollar Tree. Cut off about 2-3 inch pieces from the pool noodles. Use a pair of scissors to cut into the top and bottom of the pool noodle pieces at an angle. The angle doesn’t matter, but the idea is to get pieces that look like beads on a candy necklace.

Painting and Stringing

After cutting the pool noodles, paint the ones that need to be painted. If one can find pool noodles already in the desired color, that’s perfect. Get some DIY wood hearts from Dollar Tree and glue three of them together for a thicker heart. If one wants to use only one heart, that’s fine too. After gluing the hearts together, paint them in a light pink color. Then, get some string and start stringing everything together. Start with the heart and then put the pool noodles on the side of the heart. Tie the ends of the string together, leaving more string on the ends just in case one wants to hang it like a piece of garland.

Heart Attachment

This DIY is inspired by Karina Joy. If one loves fake sweets, they need to check her out. She decorates her entire house how the dream house would look. To create the candy heart necklace, get a piece of foam board and cut off a piece that’s just kind of curved. Glue hearts to this by stacking them and figuring out where one wants them to be placed. Then, glue them down. One can hang the necklace like a piece of garland or wear it as a necklace.

Gumball Machine Lookalike

Jar and Container Assembly

To create a gumball machine lookalike, the first step is to assemble the jar and container. The jar used for this DIY project is a candy jar from the Dollar Tree store. To give it the appearance of a gumball machine, a scalloped candy container is placed upside down and glued to the top of the jar. It is recommended to use a larger candy jar to create a more authentic look.

Craft Foam and Glitter Paper Details

The next step is to add craft foam and glitter paper details to the jar. To create a heart shape and a little circle for the gumball machine, the Dollar Tree craft foam is used. A knob is also cut out and glued into place. A Sharpie is used to write “25 cents” on the circle. To make it look more like a gumball machine, glitter paper is cut out and placed on top of the lid.

Filling with Goodies

After the jar and container are assembled and decorated, it’s time to fill it with goodies. The Dollar Tree store offers a variety of items that can be used, such as candy, small toys, or spa day items. A little teddy bear from the store is also a great addition to the jar.

Ribbon and Lid Decoration

The final step is to decorate the jar with ribbon and lid decoration. The gift bow ribbon from the Dollar Tree store is used to glue underneath the candy jar. This adds a nice touch to the overall appearance of the gumball machine. The glitter paper that was used for the top of the lid is also cut into pieces and placed on top of the lid. This makes the gumball machine look more realistic and fun.

Overall, this DIY project is easy, quick, and inexpensive. It makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone special. It can also be sold as a gift item. Just remember to use command strips to hang it on the wall upside down to create the illusion of hearts pouring out of the jar. And don’t forget to report any Tik Tok accounts that steal DIY videos and make money off of them!