Dollar Tree Pool Noodle Hacks

Hey there, Crafters! Get ready to dive into a pool of creativity with me as we explore some nifty pool noodle hacks that won’t break the bank.

Picture this: you stroll into your local Dollar Tree, armed with just a few dollars and a whole lot of imagination. Little did you know, those ordinary pool noodles stacked in the corner hold the key to unlocking a world of crafting possibilities.

It’s like finding a hidden treasure trove right under your nose! So, grab your scissors, glue guns, and let’s embark on an adventure where everyday objects transform into extraordinary creations.

Brace yourself for some mind-blowing pool noodle magic that will leave you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Get ready to hack, slash, and unleash the power of the humble pool noodle like never before.

Are you excited? I know I am! Let’s dive in and make some DIY dreams come true!

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It is that time again where she takes average items from the Dollar Tree and hacks them up to make them some of the most useful items you have ever seen. Today, Kallie’s focusing on the pool noodle. Honestly, the idea of throwing those up in the air looked cooler in her mind than it just looked. But she’s gonna go with it.

First up, she starts with a pool noodle that she has simply cut a slit in. By the way, she’s using a little hacksaw to cut a lot in this video, but it’s just because it’s what she had on hand. A basic serrated kitchen knife will work totally fine on these pool noodles.

A pool noodle with a slit works amazing to bundle together any cords or wires that you need to lay along the ground. It keeps them together and prevents any tripping. You can also slip those over a door to use as a pinch guard. The store in her office is a total lifesaver, especially after her daughter pinched her fingers on the door the other day.

Pinch guards sell on Amazon for like 15 bucks for a set of four, but she can make a ton of them for only a dollar and a quarter.

Next, she slides the pool noodle onto a hanger to help hang delicate clothing and prevent slipping on metal or plastic hangers. She takes the slitted pool noodle and makes little slits on the side that’s not cut.

Then she can put this on a bowl or plastic bin, and it works great as a spot to drip dry paintbrushes while painting. She loves this, especially for her kids, as it helps prevent messes.

Moving right along, she uses a pool noodle cut to just the right size to put inside drawers and prevent items inside from shifting around. If she has a drawer or a bin that’s always shifting around every time it’s opened and closed, it’s so annoying.

But by cutting a pool noodle to the exact size, she can fit it in instantly. She actually cuts her pool noodles in half to get the most bang for her buck.

Pool noodles are also great as fillers. She has this huge basket with a faux olive plant in her office, and she wants to make it look more full without spending a lot of money. So she cuts up a bunch of pool noodle pieces, places them all inside, and then adds some fake moss on top. Voila! It’s finished and cost her only a couple of dollars in pool noodles to fill the whole thing up.

Another thought is to take a pool noodle and cut it into little C-shapes. Basically, she cuts the pool noodle in half, then cuts it into two pieces. This way, she ends up with a ton of these little foamy filler things that are really lightweight.

She can use them for a lot of stuff, like filling up a planter halfway and then topping it with soil and a house plant. This makes it a lot less heavy and saves her from using a lot of potting soil.

She can also use pool noodles to fill up a gift basket so she doesn’t need to fill the whole thing up with tissue paper. These pool noodles take up a lot more space, so she doesn’t have to shove tons of tissue paper or gift basket filler into the basket.

Another hack is using a pool noodle to help fill large buckets from a sink. If the bucket or water can’t fit up to the sink faucet, she can use the pool noodle as a little hose to send the water down.

She loves this for filling all sorts of items, especially her kids’ outdoor water play stuff.

She can cut pool noodles into shapes to create wall art. She made an “F” for her daughter’s name by hot gluing the pieces together and covering them with faux flowers. She could also use fake moss or get creative with yarn, burlap, or fabric.

She can hot glue the ends of a pool noodle together, creating a simple wreath form. She can then wrap it in rope, yarn, or cover it in moss or flowers. This way, she can make a huge wreath for not a lot of money.

She can also combine a pool noodle with a Dollar Tree broomstick to create a solar-powered light post. By pushing the broomstick through the pool noodle and affixing a solar light to the other end, she can create a light post to place by a gate or a doorway.

That’s it for her Dollar Tree hacks using pool noodles. She hopes you found them useful and wishes you a fantastic day!


Q: What can I use a pool noodle for?

A: Pool noodles have a wide range of uses. You can use them to bundle cords or wires, create pinch guards for doors, hang delicate clothing, drip dry paintbrushes, prevent items from shifting in drawers, fill baskets or planters, create wall art, make wreaths, and even build a solar-powered light post.

Q: Where can I get pool noodles?

A: Pool noodles are commonly available at stores that sell swimming pool supplies, sporting goods stores, or online retailers. You can also find them at the Dollar Tree, where they are an affordable option.

Q: How do I cut a pool noodle?

A: You can easily cut a pool noodle using a basic serrated kitchen knife or a small hacksaw. Simply make the desired cut or slit, ensuring that you have a stable surface and exercise caution while cutting.

Q: Can I reuse pool noodles?

A: Yes, pool noodles are reusable. They are made of foam material that maintains its shape and durability over time. So, you can use them year after year for various projects and purposes.

Q: Are pool noodles suitable for outdoor use?

A: Yes, pool noodles can be used outdoors. They are water-resistant and can withstand exposure to the elements. However, if you are using them for specific outdoor projects, such as filling planters, it’s a good idea to protect them from direct sunlight to prevent premature degradation.

Q: Can pool noodles be easily customized?

A: Absolutely! Pool noodles are highly customizable. You can cut them into various shapes and sizes, paint or spray paint them, wrap them with different materials like yarn or fabric, and decorate them with flowers, moss, or other embellishments to suit your preferences and creative projects.

Q: Can pool noodles be used for children’s activities?

A: Yes, pool noodles are often used in children’s activities due to their soft and lightweight nature. They can be utilized for water play, as props for games, or for crafting and DIY projects with kids. However, parental supervision is always recommended, especially when children are using pool noodles near water.

Q: Are pool noodles suitable for buoyancy in water? A: While pool noodles can provide some buoyancy, they are primarily designed as recreational toys and not intended to replace certified life-saving devices. They can be used for support during water activities but should not be solely relied upon for safety purposes. It’s important to follow proper safety guidelines and use appropriate flotation devices when necessary.

Q: Can pool noodles be recycled?

A: The recyclability of pool noodles depends on the specific recycling facilities available in your area. Foam recycling programs are not widely available everywhere, so it’s best to check with your local recycling centers or waste management authorities to determine if they accept foam materials like pool noodles for recycling.

Q: Can pool noodles be used for swimming or flotation exercises?

A: Pool noodles can be used for gentle support during swimming or flotation exercises. They can provide additional stability and assistance in maintaining proper body position in the water. However, it’s important to note that pool noodles are not designed or approved as official swimming or flotation aids. It’s advisable to consult a swimming instructor or professional for guidance on proper swimming techniques and appropriate flotation devices for specific exercises or activities.

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