Discover Six Thrift Flips: Transforming Ordinary Finds into Extraordinary Home Decor

Hey there, crafty moms and home decor enthusiasts! Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey where thrifted treasures undergo a magical transformation?

Well, buckle up because we’re about to dive into the captivating world of thrift flips. Picture this: taking ordinary finds that have been collecting dust on thrift store shelves and, with a dash of creativity, turning them into dazzling gems that breathe new life into your home. It’s like waving a wand and watching the everyday become extraordinary.

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Watch The Video To See The Thrift Flips

Join me as we unlock the secrets of six captivating thrift flips that will leave you in awe. Trust me, it’s a wild ride you won’t want to miss! So grab your tools, dust off your imagination, and let’s embark on this creative adventure together. Are you ready? Let’s go!

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In today’s video, she’s going to show you how you can creatively make over or upcycle some of those cool things that you’re finding at the thrift store.

But she wants to share with you just some creative ideas for how you can take what you’re finding at the thrift store, which maybe isn’t quite your style or doesn’t fit in with your decor scheme, and some ways that you could change it up a little bit to fit in with what you have.

Or if you’re an antique booth seller or a craft fair seller, some of the stuff that you’re finding in the thrift stores that you could change up a little bit, increase the price, and sell in your booth space.

So if you’re ready to go, let’s dive into the video. Her first project is upcycling a glass vase that she found at the thrift store for under a dollar. She saw this really cool idea online of a Pottery Barn vase with a dipped paint look, but it was priced at $159. She believes that she can achieve the same look with a little bit of paint.

She’s using Fusion Mineral Paint and some masking tape (painter’s tape would have been better, but she was out). She cleaned off the jar and painted on a light coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in the color Blue Pine. She emphasizes the importance of painting in thin coats with Fusion. After the first coat dries, she applies a second coat.

While the second coat is still wet, she carefully removes the tape to avoid damaging the paint. Finally, she stages the vase with some hydrangeas from her yard and she’s really happy with how it turned out.

For project two, she’s doing a little more painting. This time, she’s working with chalk paint that she had on hand, and she’s going to embellish some books. These are those Reader’s Digest condensed books that you see everywhere.

She paints a thin coat of chalk paint, making sure to keep the pages clean. It takes two coats to cover the books completely. Once they’re dry, she uses a transfer from Redesign with Prima called Organic Flora.

She trims off the parts of the transfer that she wants to use, peels off the backing, and presses it down onto the surface of the books. She uses the rubbing stick provided to burnish the design onto the surface. If there are any mistakes, she mentions that they can be easily touched up with paint or covered with another piece of the transfer.

She likes using the small transfers because she can cut and use the parts that she wants to create her own design.

For project three, she’s going to do a little more painting. She found a French provincial nightstand for a great price, even though it wasn’t in amazing shape. After cleaning and scuff sanding, she applies Fusion Ultra Grip on the top to help the paint stick to the laminate surface.

She paints two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in the color Rose Water, which was the top pick from her Instagram poll. She loves how it turned out, especially with the original hardware.

The next project involves making candles out of old vintage tins. She had a broken hobnail jar candle, so she decided to scoop out the wax, melt it down, and pour it into the vintage tins. She shares that she’s not a candle-making expert, but she enjoys experimenting with different projects.

To melt the wax, she uses a double boiler method, placing a heat-resistant glass bowl inside a pot of boiling water. Once the wax is melted, she carefully pours it into the vintage tins, making sure to secure the wick in the center. She lets them cool and solidify, creating unique and charming candles with a vintage touch.

Moving on to project five, Melanie decides to transform an old wooden picture frame into a stylish serving tray. She removes the glass and backing from the frame and gives it a thorough cleaning. Using sandpaper, she lightly distresses the edges of the frame for a rustic look.

Next, she paints the frame with a coat of chalk paint in a soft gray shade, allowing it to dry completely. To add an elegant touch, she applies a decorative stencil design to the bottom of the tray using a stencil brush and metallic gold paint.

Once the paint is dry, she seals the tray with a clear wax to protect the finish. Finally, she attaches handles to the sides of the frame, and the repurposed picture frame is now a beautiful serving tray.

For the last project, Melanie takes an old wooden ladder she found at the thrift store and turns it into a trendy blanket ladder. She starts by giving the ladder a good cleaning and removes any loose or splintered wood.

To enhance its appearance, she decides to paint the ladder white using a high-quality latex paint. She applies two coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry in between. Once the ladder is dry, she adds some decorative touches by wrapping fairy lights around the rungs and hanging a few small baskets for additional storage. The repurposed ladder now serves as a functional and visually appealing piece in her home.

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