Decoupage Napkin Tutorial 3 Easy Crafts!

Hey there, crafty pals! Today, I’m thrilled to share with you a tutorial I found on three easy crafts that will jazz up your decor and unleash your creative spirit. Get ready to embark on a journey of color, texture, and endless possibilities as we explore the art of decoupage. So, grab your scissors, Mod Podge, and those fabulous napkins – let’s get crafty!

So buckle up, my friends, and let the decoupage adventure begin!

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This is Katie from Lady Red Crafting, and she demonstrates three different decoupage crafts using vibrant napkins. Let’s begin with craft number one. Lady Red Crafting visits a thrift store and finds some worn wood spoons, which she plans to transform.

She starts by sanding down the handle of the spoon, ensuring it looks nice because she won’t be painting over it. Moving on, she places the spoon on a paintable surface and uses painter’s tape to create a neat line around the bottom part.

Lady Red Crafting then takes her Waverly chalk paint in white and applies it to the top half of the spoon on both sides. With the painting complete, she removes the painter’s tape, revealing a clean line.

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She removes the backing layer of the napkin and cuts a small piece to fit over the top part of the spoon, aligning the straight edges. Using matte Mod Podge, she applies it to the spoon, focusing on the front and sides while allowing any excess napkin to be easily removed.

Once dry, she uses a zip sander to sand the edges and remove any excess Mod Podge. Next, she cuts another piece of the napkin and applies it to the back side, excluding the edges.

To finish off, she adds a small white bow. Now, she has a cute decorative piece that can be placed in the kitchen.

Craft number two for Lady Red Crafting involves a cute dish she found at the thrift store, which she plans to decoupage. She flips the dish over to the back side and places the napkin with the good side face down onto it.

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She then proceeds to paint Mod Podge all over the top of the dish, focusing on the surface and not worrying about the edges at the moment. Once done, Lady Red Crafting sets it aside to dry without disturbing the paper.

When it dries, it will have a similar appearance. Using her favorite tool, the zip sander, Lady Red Crafting gently removes any excess paper from the dish. Now she turns the dish face down and applies Waverly chalk paint in white over the Mod Podge. This coat of white paint will allow the napkin’s colors to shine when the dish is flipped over to the front side.

However, she doesn’t want to leave it white, so she paints the bottom part of the leaf in teal using acrylic paint from Walmart. Once the paint dries, Lady Red Crafting flips the dish over and uses a paper towel with a little Windex to clean off any unwanted paint and ensure the dish is pristine.

Next, she applies gold rubbing buff to the edges of the dish, creating a gold rim on the top side. Lady Red Crafting then lightly brushes more gold over the bottom of the leaf to accentuate the fun leaf pattern on the back side of the dish.

After allowing everything to dry, Lady Red Crafting flips the dish over to get a good look at the inside and back side. As of now, she hasn’t sealed it yet and is still considering the best method for sealing.

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Craft number three involves a charger plate from Dollar Tree, as well as a napkin. Lady Red Crafting loves the color of the charger and decides to keep it as is, without any paint.

The first step is to cut the napkin into a circle, though she initially tries to measure it out in a triangle shape before realizing it needs to be a circle. Once the circle is cut, a little bit of Mod Podge is applied to the plate. Lady Red Crafting spreads the Mod Podge evenly on the plate, ensuring a nice coat inside the circle.

Next, the napkin is placed on the plate and gently pressed down using a makeup applicator from Dollar Tree. To add a decorative touch, Lady Red Crafting uses white and blue twine, braiding two strands of white with one strand of blue.

The braid is tied off and any frayed ends are trimmed using a lighter. Returning to the plate, Lady Red Crafting applies another coat of Mod Podge over the napkin to seal it. If any Mod Podge gets messy, a quick wipe with a baby wipe does the trick.

To let the plate dry, Lady Red Crafting uses a cute fan from Dollar Tree, though she cautions that it doesn’t last long and broke after two sets of batteries. Moving on, Lady Red Crafting paints the word “blessed” using black chalk paint on a die-cut from the Dollar Tree.

Once the paint dries, she lightly sands over it with a zip sander to reveal some wood texture. Although she forgot to film how she started the rope on the inside of the plate, Lady Red Crafting explains that she hot glued the rope around the inside layer, making sure to remove any excess glue promptly.

A bow is made using a wired burlap ribbon from Dollar Tree, with three loops on each side and a pipe cleaner securing the center. After cutting the ribbon tails and fluffing the bow, Lady Red Crafting wraps the leftover braided ribbon around the center, hot gluing it in place. The word “blessed” is then hot glued to the center of the plate, and the bow is attached over the knots of the braided rope.

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