9+ Easy Customized Dollar Tree Candles Under $3

Get ready to discover over 9 easy and personalized Dollar Tree candle projects, all under $3! From seashell candles to watermelon delights, each unique creation is designed to add a touch of charm to any space.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a crafting novice, these candle ideas are perfect for unleashing your creativity while keeping costs low. So, grab your supplies and get ready to transform ordinary Dollar Tree candles into extraordinary customized masterpieces, all for less than $3 each!

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Melanie Ferguson has nine amazing ideas for using Dollar Tree candles. These DIY projects are simply adorable, and she can’t pick a favorite—although number five stands out.

To get started with these candles, she suggests making a quick trip to Dollar Tree. They have a wide variety of candle colors, so she advises picking a few different shades and always grabbing a few white ones too.

Additionally, she recommends checking out their wax melts in various colors and scents. While browsing at the thrift store, she stumbled upon the perfect container for a candle—first a star for a patriotic holiday, and later some ice cream sundae glasses that were simply ideal.

Now, let’s talk about the candle-making process. She advises melting the candles in a boiling pot on low heat until they fully melt. It’s important to be cautious when handling the hot wax, so she recommends using a pair of pliers to remove the wax wick.

Once the wick is out, it can be discarded. If she wants to add color to a clear candle, she suggests dropping a wax melt brick of her desired color into the candle.

First up is the seashell candle. Pouring the wax into these seashells requires a bit of care, as she learned the hard way. Holding the shells in her hand while pouring prevents any accidental spills.

These seashell candles turned out absolutely darling, and she added them to her coastal dough bowl for a lovely touch. She’ll provide a link to the video on making the dough bowl, so viewers can check out that fun project as well.

Next, she introduces a rub-on transfer project. Using a white candle from Dollar Tree, she adds a rub-on transfer to it. The transfer fits perfectly around the entire candle, and she uses a craft stick to rub it on, ensuring the pattern adheres smoothly.

She took this particular candle to her mother, who was feeling sad after her dog passed away. The spring-themed candle with beautiful butterflies and roses brought some cheer to her Mother’s day.

As she continues, she invites viewers to share their favorite projects along the way. Number three on her list is a patriotic star candle.

To keep the wick in place while pouring, she cleverly uses chopsticks. Additionally, she uses a hand mitt to protect her hands from the hot wax.

This candle is created layer by layer, and she shares a funny story about mistaking the pink wax for red, resulting in a pink, white, and blue candle—a happy accident for a holiday celebration.

Moving on to number four, she presents the ice cream sundae candle. Starting with a pale blue layer, similar to the seashell candle, she tops it with pink wax.

To create the appearance of whipped topping, she melts some wax in a bag, snips off the corner, and pipes it onto the candle.

Adding crayon shavings and painting stripes on a craft stick to resemble a straw, she completes the look by gluing a small spoon to the front. The finished candle truly resembles an ice cream sundae, and she’s thrilled with the result.

Number five on her list is the Irish cream candle. Using an Irish coffee cup from Dollar Tree, she layers green and white wax to create a festive look. Adding a green crayon with white polka dots as decoration, she completes the candle with a touch of charm.

She believes additional creativity can be injected by using a Cricut machine to add fun sayings or even a clover or shamrock to the front. It’s a super cute candle suitable for any occasion.

Now, let’s explore the watermelon candle, which she admits might be her new favorite. Though she accidentally let the wick fall out initially, she quickly fixed it and proceeded to create the candle.

Layering different shades of green and red wax, she improvises to achieve the desired watermelon effect. For the seeds, she uses a Sharpie marker and later enhances them with a white chalk paint pen to make them stand out.

The finished candle looks fantastic when lit, and she thinks it’s perfect for any summer picnic or celebration.

Next up is the candy corn candle. Since Dollar Tree doesn’t carry orange candles, she mixes red and yellow wax until it becomes the desired shade of orange. To add a festive touch, she attaches a cute Halloween witch’s hat sticker.

This candle captures the essence of candy corn and is ready to adorn any Halloween-themed space.

Moving on to the cafe latte candle, she starts with tan-colored wax, adding a layer of white on top. To create the illusion of whipped cream, she sprinkles coffee beans on the candle.

Adding a sticker with a perfect saying from Crafters Square at Dollar Tree, she places it on a glass mug and completes the look. The candle not only looks adorable but also fills the room with a delightful coffee aroma.

Finally, she presents the “I Love You a Latte” candle, featuring an irish cream glass. She layers green and white wax, similar to the previous Irish cream candle. With the addition of a green crayon, polka dots are created using a white chalk paint pen.

The candle is further adorned with a decorative sticker on the front. The finished product is cute and can be customized with a personal touch.

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