5 Farmhouse (Summer) Dollar Tree Crafts | High End Home Decor DIY

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Crafting at home is a fun and creative way to decorate without spending a lot of money. In this article, we’ll explore making five charming farmhouse crafts. These projects transform everyday items into beautiful home decor that looks like it came from a high-end store.

From a simple rope tray to a vintage truck decoration, these crafts offer ways to add a personal touch to your space.

The ideas include using inexpensive materials like rope, jars, and small signs, offering budget-friendly alternatives that look expensive.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn to make a polished farmhouse rope tray.
  • Create a cute truck with strawberries decoration.
  • Discover budget-friendly tips for high-end farmhouse decor.
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Farmhouse Rope Tray DIY

Brief Look and Popularity

This DIY project has gained a lot of attention. Many people have tried it, but a few steps can make it look more polished.

Things You Will Need

  • Tray
  • White spray paint
  • Rope
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Nautical white rope

High-End Coiling Technique

Start by spraying your tray white. Let it dry.

Begin coiling the rope from the center, adding glue as you go.

Keep the coils tight against each other. You might need more rope, but it’s worth it. This will give your tray a Pottery Barn look for a fraction of the price.

Switching to Nautical White Rope

When you switch to the nautical white rope, make sure to cut both ropes cleanly.

Add glue to keep them from fraying and ensure a smooth transition. It helps to avoid stringy glue and keep the look neat.

Finishing the Bottom of the Tray

Many people skip finishing the underside of the tray.

Continue coiling and glueing the rope until the bottom is complete. This step makes your project look more polished and professional.

Gluing the Rope on Tray Edges

As you reach the edges of the tray, zigzag the hot glue between the tray and the rope. This ensures the rope sticks well and stays in place.

Completing the Tray

Once you’ve covered the tray and its edges with rope, cut off any extra rope.

Tuck the end of the rope firmly into the glue, ensuring it stays secure. Now you have a beautiful, high-end rope tray ready for display in your home.

Decorating a Truck with Strawberries

Necessary Items

To start with this project, you will require a toy truck, a piece of drop cloth, artificial strawberries, hot glue, and a stencil.

Preparing the Truck

First, remove any previous decorations or glue from the truck using a scraper.

Ensure the surface is clean and smooth for the new decorations.

Attaching the Fabric and Strawberries

Take the drop cloth and tear it around the edges to give it a rustic look.

Use hot glue to attach the cloth to the bed of the truck.

Next, glue approximately ten strawberries on top, making them appear as though they are spilling out of the truck.

Adding Stencil Details

Using a stencil, add a desired text to the side of the truck.

Dry brush the paint lightly over the stencil to avoid excess paint buildup. Remove the stencil and let the paint dry completely.

Finishing with a Bow

Complete the decoration by tying a black and white gingham bow to the truck. This adds a charming touch to the finished project.

Look for Less: Antique Farmhouse Sign

Materials and Printable Artwork

To start this DIY project, gather all your materials.

You’ll need a sign from the Dollar Tree, a printable artwork, spray paint in your color choice, and Mod Podge. The printable design can be found linked below.

Prepping the Dollar Tree Sign

First, remove any existing artwork and stickers from the Dollar Tree sign. Take off the hanging bracket as well.

Once clean, spray paint the sign in a color that complements your decor. Let it dry completely.

Creating the Custom Sign

Next, cut the printable artwork to fit inside the 4×4 box.

Spray the artwork with hairspray to seal the ink onto the paper.

After it’s dry, use Mod Podge to glue the artwork onto the sign. Make sure everything is smooth and well-adhered.

Adorning with a Custom Bow

To add a personal touch, create a small bow from your favorite ribbon and attach it to the sign. This simple addition will give your sign a unique, customized look.

Dollar Tree Glass Jar Tabletop Arrangement

Needed Items for the Project

  • Glass jar from Dollar Tree
  • White spray paint
  • E6000 adhesive
  • Hot glue
  • Floral foam
  • Sandpaper
  • Garland (preferably boxwood)
  • Flowers (yellow ones preferred)
  • Faux strawberries
  • Small sticks or toothpicks

Getting the Jar Ready and Painting

First, get rid of any stickers on the glass jar. Heat them up slightly to make removal easier.

After that, use a scraper to clean off any residue.

Take the jar outside and spray paint it with a flat, crisp white paint.

Setting Foam and Placing Greenery

Apply some hot glue and E6000 adhesive to secure the foam inside the jar.

Once in place, use sandpaper to rough up the jar for a textured look.

Use a pencil to poke holes in the foam.

Insert pieces of garland, ensuring they fit well with some hot glue.

Adding Flowers and Strawberries

Place the bright yellow flowers among the greenery for a whimsical look. Then, start adding the strawberries.

Attach the strawberries using small sticks or toothpicks inserted into the foam. This method ensures they stay secure without messy glue lines.