4 Amazing Diy Crafts Using Dollar Tree Peel-N-Stick Wallpaper

If you’re looking for budget-friendly and creative ways to spruce up your home decor, Dollar Tree has become a treasure trove for crafting enthusiasts. In particular, their peel-n-stick wallpaper selection offers endless possibilities for DIY projects that can transform any space.

With just a few dollars and a touch of imagination, you can revitalize old items, personalize plain surfaces, and add a pop of color and pattern to your home. In this blog post, we’ll explore some incredible DIY crafts using Dollar Tree peel-n-stick wallpaper that will inspire you to unleash your creativity and make your home uniquely yours.

From furniture makeovers to wall art, let’s dive into the world of affordable and stylish DIY crafts with Dollar Tree peel-n-stick wallpaper!

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In this video, Lianep from DIY Beauty On Purpose goes to the Dollar Tree and she was on a mission to find some wallpaper. During her previous visit, she had come across some new designs that she hadn’t had a chance to work with yet. She planned to grab a few and get started on her project.

One of the items she found at Dollar Tree was a “Take Me to the Ocean” sign from their nautical summer section. Although it was pretty, she wanted to give it a whole new look and enhance its appearance.

She removed the bottom portion of the sign and used a sanding block to roughen up the sheen on those sections. This step would ensure better adherence for the next stage.

Next, she took a beautiful tropical peel-and-stick wallpaper and removed the backing from it. She placed it on the sign, sticking it securely. She was impressed with how well it adhered. To refine the edges, she used an X-Acto Knife to cut off any excess paper. Then, she used a combination of a nail filer and a sanding block to smooth out the edges and make them secure.

She mentioned that they recently renovated their guest bathroom, but it wasn’t quite ready to be shown yet. However, she had some leftover trim from the renovation. She selected a piece that was about nine and a half inches long and four inches wide. To give it a new look, she painted it with a beautiful mint green color from Bear.

To add character and dimension to the trim, she used a chippy brush with a small amount of white paint. Dry brushing some lines onto the trim gave it a distressed look. After the paint dried quickly due to its thin application, she lightly sanded it to smooth out any brush strokes.

She had a stencil from Essential Stencil, which she placed on the right side of the sign. The stencil came in a pack of six and had various beautiful messages and scriptures. To prevent paint bleed-through, she used a stenciling brush with a minimal amount of paint and applied it in a circular motion. She was fond of this technique as it produced clean and precise results.

Moving on, she brought out starfish decorations from Dollar Tree. Taking one of them, she dry-fitted it on the sign to determine the proper placement. Once she was satisfied, she applied glue to the back of the starfish and attached it securely to the sign. The glue ensured it stayed in place.

To add more detail, she decided to distress the sails a bit. Using the same white paint and brush she had used earlier, she lightly applied paint to the sails. This gave them a weathered look. Using hot glue, she attached the bottom portion of the sails to the sign, making sure they adhered well.

To complete the nautical theme, she took a red ribbon and fashioned it into a small flag. Cutting it into a triangle shape, she hot glued it to the top of the sails, giving the sign a cute nautical flag look. She was pleased with the overall transformation of the sign, as it allowed for customization and personal style.

Next, she shared another Dollar Tree DIY craft. She had five smaller wooden planks that she enjoyed working with. After removing the detail string from them, she prepared to paint three of the planks.

Before painting, she filled in any holes with wood filler, scraping off the excess once it dried. Then, she lightly sanded the planks to smooth them out. Using the same mint green paint as before, she applied a single coat to the planks, finding it sufficient.

Moving on to the next step, she took a beautiful floral design wallpaper that she considered one of her favorites from the Dollar Tree selection.

She carefully measured the dimensions of each wooden plank and cut the wallpaper accordingly. After removing the backing, she placed the wallpaper onto the painted planks, making sure to smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles.

To ensure that the wallpaper adhered well to the planks, she used a brayer to press it firmly. This step helped to create a seamless and professional-looking finish. Once she had applied the wallpaper to all three planks, she trimmed off any excess using a sharp craft knife.

To add a touch of elegance and to further customize the planks, she decided to incorporate some gold accents. She used metallic gold craft paint and a small stencil brush to carefully apply gold patterns along the edges of the planks. The delicate gold details enhanced the overall look of the planks and added a luxurious touch.

Once the paint had dried, she arranged the planks side by side on a table. To secure them together, she used small L-brackets and screws on the backside of the planks. This ensured that the planks would stay aligned and in place.

She was delighted with how the wallpaper transformed the plain wooden planks into a stunning piece of wall decor. The floral design and gold accents created a charming and elegant display that could be hung on any wall to add a pop of color and style.

In her next DIY project, she decided to create a decorative centerpiece using glass candle holders from Dollar Tree. She began by selecting three different-sized glass candle holders, each with a different shape and height.

To give the candle holders a chic and modern look, she decided to paint them using a marble effect technique. She used two colors of acrylic craft paint – white and gray. She poured a small amount of each color onto a disposable plate, keeping them separate.

Using a sponge, she lightly dabbed it into the white paint and then onto the glass surface in a random pattern. She repeated this step with the gray paint, overlapping it with the white to create a marble-like effect. She continued dabbing and blending the colors until she achieved the desired look.

Once the paint had dried, she sprayed a clear sealant over the painted surface to protect it and give it a glossy finish. This step also helped to ensure that the paint would adhere well to the glass and prevent any chipping or peeling.

To complete the centerpiece, she placed flameless LED candles inside each painted candle holder. She arranged them in a cluster on a decorative tray and added some faux greenery and small decorative accents around the candles.

The finished centerpiece added a touch of elegance and ambiance to any table or mantelpiece. The marble effect on the candle holders gave them a high-end look, while the LED candles provided a warm and cozy glow without the worry of an open flame.

She was thrilled with the transformation of the Dollar Tree items into beautiful and stylish decor pieces. It just goes to show that with a little creativity and some affordable materials, it’s possible to create stunning DIY crafts that enhance any home’s aesthetic.

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