30 Mind Blowing DIY Projects You Can Make With A CRICUT!

Are you looking for some inspiration to put your CRICUT to good use? Look no further! Designed to the Nines has compiled a list of 30 mind-blowing DIY projects that will leave you feeling fulfilled and accomplished. From home decor to outdoor furniture, she’s got you covered.

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Cricut DIY #1: Fresh + Clean Sign
This sign is perfect for any bathroom or laundry room. It symbolizes cleanliness and purity, adding an extra level of comfort to your daily routine.

Cricut DIY #2: Wash Your Hands Sign
In these uncertain times, it’s important to remember the importance of sanitation. This simple yet effective sign reminds everyone in your household (and guests) to wash their hands frequently.

Cricut DIY #3: Bathroom Sign
Make sure your guests never get lost trying to find the bathroom again with this cute little sign. It adds a touch of humor and personality to any space.

Cricut DIY #4: Road Not Taken Mirror
This mirror is not just a reflection of yourself; it serves as a reminder that sometimes taking the less-traveled path can lead to wonderful surprises and experiences.

Cricut DIY #5: It’s So Good to Be Home Canvas Art
There’s nothing like coming home after a long day out in the world. This canvas art piece encapsulates that warm sensation perfectly.

Cricut DIY #6: Happiness is Homemade Sign
Home is where the heart is, but it’s also where the crafting happens! Share your love for all things homemade with this simple sign.

Cricut DIY #7: Easy Stencil Doormat
First impressions are everything, so why not make yours count with this adorable stencil doormat? Guests will feel welcomed before they even enter your home!

Cricut DIY #8: Outdoor Name Sign
If you’re proud of your family name, why not showcase it outside? This sturdy outdoor name sign will hold up against the elements and show off your personality.

Cricut DIY #9: Monogram Wreath Center
Another way to show off your family pride is with a monogram wreath! This simple yet elegant project adds an extra touch of sophistication to any door.

Cricut DIY #10: Outdoor Chess Table
Looking for a unique outdoor activity? Create your very own chess table! It’s fun, practical, and sure to impress all your guests.

Cricut DIY #11: Stenciled Pavers
Personalize your walkway or patio with these charming stenciled pavers. They’ll add an extra layer of character to any outdoor space.

Cricut DIY #12: Monogrammed Pots
Your plants deserve personalized attention too! Use this project to create trendy monogrammed pots that will have everyone talking.

Cricut DIY #13: Monogrammed Jewelry Box Upcycle
Upcycling has never been easier or more beautiful than with this stunning jewelry box. Add a personal touch by adding a monogram!

Cricut DIY #14: Damask Vase
This damask vase adds elegance and style to any room. Simply add some freshly-picked flowers and you’re set!

Cricut DIY #15: Customize A Planter Pot
If you’re looking for something slightly different than the traditional terracotta pot, try customizing one that suits your taste better! There are endless possibilities.

Cricut DIY #16: Stay Awhile Pillow
Welcome friends and family into your home with open arms (and comfy pillows!) with this cute “stay awhile” pillow design.

Cricut DIY #17: Slate Charcuterie Board
Nothing brings people together like good food. With this slate charcuterie board, you can host the perfect get-together in style.

Cricut DIY #18: Be Kind Decorative Tag
In a world full of negativity, it’s essential to remember the importance of kindness. Spread some cheer with this lovely decorative tag.

Cricut DIY #19: Grandin Road Yardzee Dupe
Board games aren’t just for indoor activities anymore! Take your backyard game up a notch with this Grandin Road Yardzee dupe.

Cricut DIY #20: Grandin Road Tic Tac Toe Game Dupe
Another great outdoor game option is tic tac toe! This Grandin Road dupe looks fantastic and will provide hours of entertainment.

Cricut DIY #21: Scrapwood Stars & Stripes Decorative Tags
The Fourth of July is coming soon, so why not make some patriotic decorations? Use scraps of wood to create these cute stars and stripes decorative tags.

Cricut DIY #22: Patriotic Tribute Gift: Burial Flag Display Case
Honor loved ones who have served in the military by creating this beautiful burial flag display case. It’s a touching tribute that will be cherished forever.

Cricut DIY #23: Memorial Stepping Stone
Losing someone we love is never easy, but creating something special to remember them by can bring us comfort. This memorial stepping stone is a beautiful way to pay homage.

Cricut DIY #24: Merry Marquee Sign
Christmas may feel far away, but it’ll be here before you know it! Get ahead on your decor planning with this festive marquee sign project.

Cricut DIY #25: Holiday Sentiment Coasters
If you’re hosting holiday get-togethers or just love festive decor, try making these holiday-themed coasters. They’re both practical and charming!

Cricut DIY #26: Choose Joy Hanging Sign
Happiness can be simple if we let it. Inspired by the famous Bob Ross quote, “Choose Joy” encourages positivity in our daily lives.

Cricut DIY #27: Joy Serving Tray
Hosting guests is always fun, but providing a beautiful serving tray to showcase your delicious appetizers? Even better.

Cricut DIY #28: Joy To The World Lyrics Sign
Prepare for the holiday season with this stunning “Joy to the World” sign. It’s sure to bring cheer and warmth into any room.

Cricut DIY #29: Geometric Bunny
This geometric bunny is both adorable and modern. Add it to your Easter decor collection for an extra special touch of whimsy!

Cricut DIY #30: Funky Stenciled Carrots
Playful and unique, these funky stenciled carrots are the perfect addition to any spring or Easter decor. They’re not just for hanging out in the garden anymore!

Q: Will I need any specific materials/tools for these projects?
A: Many of these projects use basic materials such as paint, wood, and paper products. You may also need certain CRICUT supplies such as vinyl or transfer tape. However, many of the necessary items can be found at your local craft store or purchased online.

Q: Are these projects suitable for beginners?
A: Yes! While some of these may require more advanced crafting skills than others, all have easy-to-follow instructions that should make them accessible even to beginners.

Q: Can I customize these projects further if I want?
A: Absolutely! These are meant only as starting points; feel free to add your own unique personal touches and experiment with different materials/colors/fonts/etc.

Q: Can I make money selling items made from these designs?
A: Some of these designs may be copyrighted or registered trademarks (think Grandin Road). It’s important to do your due diligence before selling anything you make from their designs.

Q: What’s a CRICUT machine?
A: A CRICUT machine is a brand name of computerized cutting machines used for crafting. They cut paper, iron-on vinyl, fabric, leather and other materials electronically, allowing for precise and consistent cuts every time.

Q: Can I find more project ideas online?
A: Of course! The internet is a treasure trove of DIY inspiration. There are countless websites, blogs, and YouTube channels dedicated to crafting and CRICUT projects specifically. Enjoy diving into the endless possibilities!

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