3 Fun Summertime Wreath Projects

Ah, summertime! The season of sunshine and barbeques, pool parties, and beach vacations. It’s the time of year when we can’t get enough of those warm temperatures and glorious blue skies. And what better way to embrace the spirit of summer than with a wreath project? Yes, you read that right – wreaths aren’t just for the holidays! In this blog post, I’ll share three fun summertime wreath projects that will bring a touch of warm weather whimsy to your front door.

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This video shows the best-ever wreath for your pool area! In fact, you can use this wreath from spring until the end of summer. And of course, it’s budget-friendly.

Poolside Summer Wreath:
Picture yourself lounging by the pool on a hot summer day: cool drink in your hand, the sun shining down on you, and a comfortable chair beneath you. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? With this easy-to-make poolside summer wreath project, you can bring that same sense of relaxation to your home’s exterior. Utilize vivid colors like aquamarine or turquoise netting to mimic water waves. Next, embellish it with colorful plastic pool toys like sailboats or inflatable rings while featuring seashells or coral from recent beach excursions.

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This video shows 2 Summer Wreath Home Decor DIYs. A Beach Umbrella Wreath and a Lemon and Daisy Wreath. Lori used Dollar Tree supplies and some things she had on hand to make them. They are both bright and fun and perfect for welcoming the warm days of summer.

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Beach Umbrella Wreath:
It isn’t summertime without sun umbrellas at the beach. Even if you’ve never been one for laying out in them yourselves they are nonetheless iconic for sand-in-your-toes days with plenty of sunscreen slathered up too! Embrace their fun-loving design by crafting vibrant linings using colored fabric or pom poms sown around an exquisite base of green leaves mimicking palm fronds!

Lemon and Daisy Wreath:
Let’s talk about lemons for a minute here – Nothing speaks more sunshine than having refreshing lemonade after hours spent under brimming sunlight rays during outdoor activities. Create an interactive feel-good vibe by adding plump faux-lemon fruit alongside white/yellow daisies mounted inside its circular frame woven with yellow-gold ribbons bright on the front door.

FAQs about Summer Wreath Making:

Do I have to be an expert crafter to make these wreaths?
Absolutely not! These summertime wreath projects are designed with simplicity in mind. You don’t need any crafting experience whatsoever – just a little time and inclination, as well as some essential supplies, will suffice.

What materials do I need for these projects?
The scope of wreath-making has changed dramatically over the years, but generally speaking: foam or wire circular wreath form bases, scissors for cutting fabric or ribbon, glue guns to keep everything together, and decorative ornaments like poms-poms, toys or faux fruit/decorative leaves.

Can I customize my summertime wreath project?
Oh yes! The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your summertime wreaths; simply follow our guides while utilizing items that resonate with you – elaborate their looks using embellishments matching your home exterior’s theme color-wise!
Summertime is all about making the most of those long warm days spent outdoors– add a touch of whimsy to your home with one of these three fun summertime wreath projects today!

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