27 Glitter Glue Crafts For Toddlers

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! I’m so excited to share with you all the latest trend in toddler crafting – glitter glue crafts! As a mom of two little ones myself, I know how important it is to keep our kids engaged and learning through fun activities. And what’s better than adding some sparkle and shine to their creations?

Now, some of you may be thinking, “glitter glue? That sounds messy!” But trust me when I say that this is one of the easiest and most stress-free ways for toddlers to get crafty. Plus, watching them express themselves through their colorful creations will melt your heart.

Crafting with your little ones can also provide amazing developmental benefits such as improving fine motor skills, boosting creativity and imagination, and even enhancing language development. It’s more than just fun; it’s an essential part of their growth!

So let’s dive into 27 glitter glue crafts for toddlers that are sure to captivate their attention while building up their skills – together.

1. Glitter Glue Monsters: Turn pompoms into furry monsters with a dab of glitter glue for eyes and mouth.

2. Glitter Glue Bracelets: Twist pipe cleaners into bracelet shapes, then add different colors of glitter glue for sparkle.

3. Rainbow Seeds Collage: Use black construction paper as the background for a collage made from colorful “seeds” (bits of dried beans or beads) glued in a rainbow pattern using rainbow-hued glitter glue.

4. Starry Night Sky Art: Draw stars and swirls on dark blue cardstock with silver or white glitter glue; let it dry overnight while your toddler dreams about twinkling stars.

5. Beach Day Memories Frame: Collect shells at the beach, then use them to decorate picture frames covered in ocean-blue glitter glue.

6. Fireflies in a Jar Lantern: Dip your child’s fingertip into yellow glitter glue, stamp fingerprints onto black cardstock and draw jar outlines around them with green marker before cutting them out and gluing together.

7. Butterfly Mobiles: Create butterfly cutouts from colorful paperboard scraps that are sandwiched between two layers of clear contact paper look like stained glass when attached to dowels dipped into multi-colors of liquidized shimmering metal droplets

10. Pom Pom Doorknob Hangers Covered In Awesome Aesthetic Glory Thanks To Multicolored Glitter Goo Painted On It In All The Places

11. Sparkly “Space Junk” Jewelry And Accessories Made From Glittery Supplies Perfect For Toting Around While They Exploit Their Inner Space Explorer

12. Shimmery Eyeglasses/DIY Shades Designed To Add A Sparkling Touch During Some Sun Fun Rappidoo

13. Oceanic Suncatchers Constructed Of Wavy Strands Of Colored Yarn Weaved With Shimmering Strings Into Stunning Marine Wonder

14. Vibrantly Colored Butterfly Coffee Filter Watercolor Masterpieces An Daughter Will Endlessly Find Breath-Taking.

15. Glitter Covered Origami Boats That Are Meant To Sail On Imagined Oceans All While Offering Unlimited Dazzle Hours.

16. Spiky Foamy Lizard Shaped By Silver Enchantment Which Toddler Can’t Wait To Show Off As He/She Feel Like King/Queen of Reptiles.

17. Fashionable Heart-Shaped Crystal Necklaces With Iridescent Gems & Glowing Stars That Prove Pure Magic Exists In toddlers’ Life Too!

18. Glittery Fairy Garden Set-Ups Utilizing Rough-Ground Soil Mixed With Golden Sparkles And Flower Seeds, Garnished With Glistening Pebbles & Crystals Everywhere

19. Vibrant Galaxy-Inspired Sandbox-Terrarium Kit Featuring Fantastic Moons&Sparkling Starfish Alongside Magical Unicorns To Hatch And Grow Anytime You Want

20. Colorful “Glitz-A-Bowls” Craft Dishware Sets Featuring All Bright And Beautiful Pigments Ready For Toddlers To Splatter Abundantly & Adorn Them Plenty !

21. Exquisite Jumbo Rainbow Glitter Flowers Your Kids Will Love More Than Real Ones! a stunning addition onto empty vases or adorn your windowsills in ever glorious way possible.

22. Bright and Shiny Painted Rock Creatures: Turn beach rocks into colorful creatures with a coating of glitter glue and your tots imagination.

23. Beaded Chandelier: String multi-colored pony beads onto wire hangers, drape them with yarn dipped in various shades of glitter glue for a mesmerizing chandelier installation

24. Glitter Magic Wands: Cut out large stars from thick paper or cardboard; coat it extensively in glitter glitz before wrapping then around wax sticks to create magic wands full of wishes!

25. Sea-Inspired Masks With Diaphanous Veils And Mermaid Fins That Will Dazzle Every Child’s Imaginations As They Play Pretend Amidst Splashing Water

26. Stunning Sparkly Suncatchers Made From Seashells You Scour With Your Little One’s Gentle Hands Along The Shores Gleaming In All Their Opulent Glory Once Home

27. Crystal Clear Pretend Icicles Studded with glittering jewels and colored ribbons make sure you guys get ready to Facilitate kid’s superhero instincts using sensory elements such as Jewel Bonanza & Enticing Ribbon Decor When Creating!

Benefits Of Crafting With Young Children

Alrighty, so let’s talk about why crafting with young children is such a fantastic idea. Crafting isn’t just a fun pastime, it’s an amazing way to help your little ones grow and develop in all sorts of ways.

First and foremost, crafting stimulates creativity like nobody’s business. When kids get a chance to express themselves through art projects, they’re able to explore their ideas and emotions in really cool ways. It’s like giving them permission to unleash their inner Picasso or Michelangelo – how awesome is that?!

But that’s not all! Crafting also helps improve fine motor skills by encouraging kiddos to use their hands in all sorts of delicate ways. From cutting paper with scissors (with supervision, naturally) to manipulating tiny pieces of glitter glue, there are tons of activities that will help strengthen those little fingers.

Plus, crafting can even help with language development! As parents or caregivers chat with kids while working on artsy projects together (explaining what we’re doing or simply making small talk), we’re expanding vocabularies and building communication skills without even realizing it!

Overall, there are so many reasons why crafting is the bee’s knees for young children. Whether you’re looking for something fun to do together on a rainy day or wanting to encourage your child’s creative spirit on an ongoing basis – this mama says give it a whirl!

FAQs About Doing Crafts With Toddlers:

Okay, folks, it’s time for some FAQs about crafting with toddlers. Now, I’m no expert, but I’ve learned a thing or two from personal experience on this topic. Are you ready to dive in?

Q: What are some examples of age-appropriate crafts?
A: Well, you gotta keep it simple and safe for the little ones. You can start with things like finger painting, making collages with cut-out paper shapes or even using edible dough – yep that’s a thing! Just don’t go too complex or use materials that could harm them.

Q: How much supervision do they need during crafting at this age?
A: As much as humanly possible! Seriously though, toddlers are curious creatures who love exploring everything so be prepared for anything to happen. If you’re not constantly supervising them whilst doing crafts there is always the possibility of something going wrong….cue access to permanent markers ending up on your living room walls!

Q: What should I do to prevent any accidents while doing crafts with my toddler?
A: Safety first people! Always use child-friendly supplies that won’t hurt them in any way. Watch out for sharp objects like scissors and staplers which should be kept away unless under strict supervision. One more piece of advice – make sure your craft area has enough space around it so they won’t knock over items when reaching out to grab those glitter pens!

And that’s all she wrote! Hope these answers help you craft-savvy moms out there get started on some fun projects with your toddlers!

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