25 Best Glue Gun DIYs & Hacks

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting out on your creative journey, this curated collection of projects is sure to inspire and empower you to transform everyday objects into extraordinary works of art.

From home decor and organization solutions to clever hacks that simplify your life, these innovative ideas will unleash your inner maker and leave you feeling accomplished.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and embark on a crafting adventure as we dive into the world of DIY and discover the endless possibilities that await!

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In this video, Courtney will be exploring unique uses for glue guns and glue sticks, including DIY projects, hacks, tips, and tricks.

For the first DIY project, she plans to create faux wax seals using hot glue. She has three different tools to try: a wax seal kit, a rubber stamp, and a clear stamp. She starts by squirting hot glue onto her silicone mat and presses the stamp onto it, being careful not to apply too much pressure.

She uses a detail-tipped glue gun to control the amount of glue and finds it easier to make shapes with its fine point. She reveals the results, praising the metal wax seal tip and the rubber stamp, while the clear stamp didn’t perform as well.

She recommends using metal wax seal tips or rubber stamps for this DIY and showcases the three options side by side. She gives a disclaimer, mentioning that in hot summer months, she wouldn’t recommend trying this project in Texas due to the high temperatures affecting the hot glue’s integrity during shipping.

Moving on to the next hack, she demonstrates how to make homemade gripper socks. She squirts hot glue in squiggles on the bottom of her socks, ensuring to press down slightly to avoid an awkward feeling when walking. This DIY prevents slipping and falling on smooth surfaces.

She proceeds to another DIY using an old book. She folds six pages at a time towards the spine, tacking them down with hot glue. She repeats this process with two more sets of six pages, creating a unique jewelry display. The book can hold rings, earrings, or necklaces, making it a perfect DIY for book lovers.

Next, she shares a hack for a noisy cabinet. By applying glue dots on the top and bottom of the cabinet, she demonstrates how to achieve a quiet close. To protect the paint or wood, she suggests placing a piece of painter’s tape before applying the glue dots.

She then shows how to clean a well-loved glue gun using tin foil. She heats up the foil with a heat gun, ensuring safety, and rubs it over the glue gun to remove gunk and dirt.

For the following DIY, she uses knitting needles, painter’s tape, brown paint, and glitter glue sticks. She wraps the bottom portion of the knitting needle with painter’s tape, rounds off the sharp end, paints it brown, and adds swirls of gold glitter glue for a magical wand. The color adds a fun element to the DIY.

She revisits an old DIY idea where colored glue sticks can be used to decorate a vase or create Halloween-themed potion bottles and spider webs. She mentions that when changing colors of glue sticks, she squirts the extra glue onto thumbtacks or magnets to avoid wasting it.

She introduces a creative use for hot glue by writing her name in hot glue on a silicone mat while the glue is still drying. Afterward, she manipulates the drying glue to create a pliable shape, removes it from the mat, and erases the letters. It’s an interesting way to use hot glue.

When it comes to paintbrush cleaning, she shares different methods, including using a makeup silicone mat in the sink and using glue in containers for easy and gentle brush cleaning on the desk.

She provides a simple hack to prevent clothes from slipping off hangers. By applying glue stripes to the hanger, she ensures a secure grip for the clothes.

Using supplies from the Dollar Tree, she demonstrates how to create a customized cake topper. She sketches a number or shape on a chopping mat, outlines it with hot glue, secures a toothpick in the center, and lets it dry. Once the glue is hardened, she carefully peels it off the mat and trims any excess. Voila! A personalized cake topper that adds a special touch to any celebration.

For the next DIY project, Courtney shows how to make custom keycaps for a keyboard. Using small silicone molds, she fills them with different colored hot glue and lets them cool and harden. Once they are set, she pops them out of the molds and attaches them to the corresponding keys on her keyboard, instantly giving it a unique and vibrant look.

Moving on, Courtney shares a clever trick for preventing frayed shoelaces. She carefully applies a small amount of hot glue to the ends of the shoelaces and rolls them between her fingers to create a sealed tip. This not only prevents fraying but also makes it easier to thread the laces through the eyelets.

Next, she demonstrates how to create textured artwork using hot glue. She applies squiggles, lines, and dots of hot glue onto a canvas, allowing it to dry completely. Once dry, she paints over the entire canvas with acrylic paint, making sure to cover all the glue. As the paint dries, the raised glue designs become more visible, adding an interesting and unique dimension to the artwork.

Courtney then shares a fun and simple project for creating custom refrigerator magnets. She squeezes small dollops of hot glue onto a non-stick surface, such as a silicone mat or wax paper, and quickly adds small decorative items like beads, sequins, or small trinkets. Once the glue has cooled and hardened, she peels them off and attaches magnets to the back, instantly transforming them into unique and personalized magnets for the fridge.

For the last DIY idea, Courtney demonstrates how to make a decorative bowl using hot glue and a balloon. She inflates a balloon to the desired size and applies a layer of hot glue all over it. She repeats this process several times, allowing each layer to dry completely before adding the next one.

Once the glue has hardened and cooled, she pops the balloon and carefully removes it, leaving behind a hollow hot glue shell in the shape of a bowl. The resulting bowl can be used as a decorative piece or even as a catch-all for small items.

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