20 Things You Should Be Buying At Dollar Tree In June

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Walking into Dollar Tree this June unveils a delightful array of summer-themed dinnerware collections, each boasting vibrant designs.

From sea turtles and butterflies to lemons, oranges, and watermelon themes, there’s something for everyone.

These collections include attractive tumblers with ombre effects, making them perfect for DIY party favors.

Adding to the fun, you can find plastic margarita cups and wine glasses in matching colors.

These are great for creative DIY projects like turning them into whimsical decorations with fairy lights.

You’ll also spot eye-catching studded tumblers that mimic high-end designs, ideal for parties or gifts.

Near the summer decor section, look out for playful popsicle trays that double as charming DIY outdoor decor or party favors.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover vibrant summer dinnerware and drinkware at Dollar Tree.
  • Creative DIY ideas using tumblers, popsicle trays, and more.
  • New cleaning tools and tips for maintaining a tidy home.
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Dollar Tree June 2024 Shopping Guide

When you enter Dollar Tree this June, you’ll notice a delightful new summer dinnerware collection.

There are four unique themes: sea turtle, butterfly, lemon orange, and watermelon.

Each theme offers the same types of items but in distinct color schemes and designs.

The tumblers in the collection have a beautiful ombre look. There are three different varieties to choose from.

These tumblers can be used as party favors for events like bachelorette parties or summer birthdays.

Fill them with goodies such as gift cards, small Dollar Tree items, or personalize them with a Cricut.

For the tumblers, she added cute hair clips with fruit designs, SPF lip balm, hand sanitizers, and sunglasses.

These made adorable favors and are also great for everyday use.

The collection also features plastic margarita cups available in various colors.

They are perfect for DIY projects, such as turning them into outdoor decorations with fairy lights and solar lights. The cups reflect light beautifully and glow in the sun.

Other drinkware options include plastic wine glasses in different colors.

The red wine glasses match the watermelon theme, while the blue ones fit the butterfly theme.

These glasses can also be used for creative DIY lights.

Walking away from the dinnerware section, you’ll find summer décor, where you’ll spot studded tumblers.

They come in four colors: blue, pink, orange, and white.

These tumblers resemble Starbucks cups and make excellent gifts or party accessories.

For those preparing for Fourth of July, check out the popsicle trays shaped like firecracker popsicles.

Use them for party favors by adding s’mores ingredients and wrapping them up with a cute label.

Additionally, there is a two-in-one bathroom mop head.

It’s practical for cleaning bathrooms, especially with the squeegee attachment. You can attach a broom handle from Dollar Tree to make it easier to use.

Near the Fourth of July items, you’ll find chip and dip trays and star bowls.

These are ideal for creating a tiered tray, perfect for summer parties.

Use the margarita cups and star trays to build it, filling it with treats, fruits, and marshmallows.

Summer Dinnerware Collection

Ocean Turtle Design

The Ocean Turtle Design is perfect for those who love sea life. It features a beautiful blend of blues and greens, reminiscent of the ocean.

The collection includes tumblers, margarita cups, and wine glasses, all decorated with charming sea turtle motifs.

These items are great for beach-themed parties or casual summer get-togethers. They also make wonderful gifts, especially when personalized with a Cricut or filled with small treats and goodies.

Butterfly Design

Colorful butterfly patterns adorn the Butterfly Design collection, making it a delightful choice for any outdoor gathering.

The elegant blue hues and butterfly prints are visually striking.

Items in this set include tumblers, margarita cups, and plastic wine glasses.

You can get creative with these pieces, adding fairy lights or solar lights to make a stunning outdoor decoration that glows beautifully when the sun sets.

Citrus Burst Design

Bright and cheerful, the Citrus Burst Design features lemons and oranges, perfect for adding a zing to your summer parties.

The collection consists of tumblers, margarita cups, and wine glasses, all in vibrant yellow and orange shades.

These items can be used for serving refreshing drinks or creating delightful party favors, such as filling the tumblers with sunblock, lip balm, and sunglasses.

They are ideal for summer-themed events and are certain to impress your guests.

Watermelon Splash Design

The Watermelon Splash Design captures the essence of summer with its vibrant red and green colors.

This collection includes tumblers, margarita cups, and wine glasses, all decorated with playful watermelon patterns.

These items are perfect for any summer BBQ or picnic.

They look especially beautiful when filled with drinks or used as decorative pieces with added fairy or solar lights, making your summer evenings shine.

DIY Tumbler Favor Ideas

Gradient Tumblers

This summer, Dollar Tree has a new collection with beautiful tumblers that have a gradient design. There are three different styles to choose from.

These tumblers are great to use as party favors or for daily use.

Fill them with small goodies like gift cards, hair clips with fruit designs, SPF lip balm, hand sanitizer, and cute sunglasses.

If you have a Cricut machine, you can add personalized labels to them.

The tumblers have a stylish look and can be used for various celebrations, including bachelorette parties, summer gatherings, and themed birthday parties.

Beach Party Gifts

For a beach-themed party favor, Dollar Tree offers plastic Margarita and wine glasses in different colors.

They include red for the watermelon theme and blue for the butterfly theme.

These glasses can be enhanced by adding fairy lights or solar lights, making them glow beautifully in the sunlight.

Another option is to create a summer favor using firecracker popsicle trays.

Fill them with ingredients for s’mores and wrap them in plastic with a fun label on the front.

These creative and simple ideas are perfect for entertaining guests with a touch of summer fun.

Plastic Drinkware Enhancements

Margarita Cups Decoration

Bright and Colorful Cups:

  • These plastic margarita cups come in a variety of colors.
  • Ideal for themed parties.

DIY Project:

  • Fill with goodies like hair clips with fruit designs, SPF lip balm, hand sanitizer, or sunglasses.
  • Great for bachelorette parties or summer-themed birthdays.

Decorative Use:

  • The way these cups shine in the sunlight makes them perfect for DIY decor.
  • Consider using them in a tiered tray setup for a festive touch.

Wine Glasses Light Decor

Versatile and Vivid Colors:

  • These plastic wine glasses are available in themes like watermelon red or butterfly blue.

Creative Lighting Ideas:

  • Place fairy lights or a solar light inside for a magical glow.
  • The lights make the glasses shine beautifully, especially when sunlight hits them.

Outdoor Decor:

  • Perfect for patios or gardens.
  • The glasses can be used as simple yet attractive garden lights.

Studded Tumblers for Gifts or Parties

Studded tumblers from Dollar Tree are a great find for gifts or parties.

These tumblers come in four colors: blue, pink, orange, and white. They are eye-catching and resemble high-end tumblers like those from Starbucks.

There are many fun ways to use these tumblers.

They make great party favors, so fill them with small gifts like hair clips, SPF lip balm, or hand sanitizer. Sunglasses also fit nicely inside.

If you have a Cricut machine, you can personalize them with names.

These tumblers are also perfect for teachers’ gifts.

They are stylish and practical, making them a thoughtful present.

Although they are not insulated, their appearance and functionality make them a hit.

Whether for daily use or special events, these tumblers will surely impress.

Popsicle Tray DIY and Favor

These popsicle trays resemble firecracker popsicles and cost just $1.25. They are ideal for creating summer-themed decorations or party favors.

DIY Steps for Outdoor Decor:

  1. Materials Needed:
    • 3/4 inch PVC pipe (12 feet long)
    • Hot glue or heavy-duty glue like E6000
    • Adhesive hooks
    • Zip ties
  2. Instructions:
    • Cut the PVC pipe into two 6-foot pieces.
    • Glue the popsicle trays to the PVC pipe.
    • Use adhesive hooks to hang the pipe.
    • Secure with zip ties around the hooks and PVC pipe.

Making Party Favors:

For a simple and cute favor idea, turn the popsicle trays into s’mores kits:

  1. Fill the Tray:
    • Place graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate on top of the popsicle tray.
  2. Wrap and Label:
    • Use plastic wrap to cover the trays.
    • Print a s’mores-themed label and attach it to the plastic wrap.

These trays make great gifts for any summer gathering and can be used to hold small treats or goodies.

Cleaning Tools and Tips

Dual-Function Bathroom Mop Head

The dual-function bathroom mop head from Dollar Tree is a helpful tool for tackling bathroom cleaning tasks.

It features a mop head for scrubbing and a squeegee for wiping down surfaces.

Simply attach a handle, also available at Dollar Tree, and you’re ready to clean shower walls and glass doors efficiently.

This tool can make bathroom cleaning much easier and quicker.

Homog Glow House Cleaning Services

Homog Glow offers top-notch home cleaning services that cater to busy households.

Booking a cleaning service is straightforward through their website, where you can choose the date, time, and duration of your cleaning session.

The cleaners are highly rated and undergo a thorough certification process.

This cleaning service can be a lifesaver for keeping your home tidy, especially if you have a hectic schedule or young children at home.

Summer Party Tableware

Snack Trays for Chips and Dip

These trays come in bright colors and fun designs, perfect for holding your favorite chips and dip.

The trays are great for summer gatherings, providing an easy way to serve snacks and keep guests happy.

Pick your favorite design to match your party theme.

Star-Shaped Bowls

Star-shaped bowls add a festive touch to any party. They come in packs and are perfect for holding candies, snacks, or small treats.

Their unique shape makes them a fun addition to your table setting, and they can be used for various summer occasions.

Creating a Tiered Tray with Margarita Glasses

To make a tiered tray, use colorful margarita glasses and stack bowls or plates on top.

This DIY project is easy and adds height and interest to your table.

Fill the trays with desserts, fruits, or appetizers. The tiered setup not only looks great but also helps save space on the table.