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Clear ornaments are a versatile and budget-friendly way to add some holiday cheer to your home. In this article, you will learn some unconventional uses for clear ornaments, along with some quick and easy DIY ornament ideas that anyone can do. Most of the products used in these projects can be found at Dollar Tree, making it easy to create festive decorations without breaking the bank.

One idea is to create a snowman ornament using a large and small clear ornament, hot glue, and some snow texture. Once the snowman is assembled, you can add details like a carrot nose and fabric scarf to make it come to life. Another idea is to use clear ornaments as a unique way to serve festive drinks. By filling the ornaments with your favorite cocktail or wine and placing them on top of a glass filled with ice and cranberries, you can create a beautiful and functional decoration that is sure to impress your guests. Finally, you can use a clear ornament to make a cute and cozy hot cocoa mug by painting the inside of a glass mug, adding a clear ornament for structure, and piping on some whipped cream using lightweight spackling. These ideas are just a few examples of the many ways you can use clear ornaments to add some holiday magic to your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Clear ornaments can be used in unconventional ways to create festive decorations.
  • Dollar Tree is a great source for affordable supplies for holiday crafting.
  • With a little creativity, anyone can create beautiful and unique holiday decorations using clear ornaments.
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Creating a Snowman Ornament

Gathering Materials

To create a snowman ornament, one will need a large clear ornament and a set of smaller ones, which come as a set of two. The top of the ornaments should be removed, and the smaller one should be glued into the larger one using hot glue. To create a snowy effect, one can use a foam paintbrush to dab on Snow Tex, which is a fun and easy-to-use product that dries quickly.

Assembling the Snowman

To assemble the snowman, one will need a mason jar ring to use as a stand. The snowman can be glued onto the ring, and then more Snow Tex can be added to hide the base.

Adding Details

To make the snowman come to life, one can use paint pens to add details such as a carrot nose, eyes, and a smile. A piece of fabric or ribbon can be used to create a scarf around the snowman’s neck, which can also cover up the openings to the ornaments and make it all blend together. To create arms, one can use berry branches and glue them into place.

Lighting the Snowman

To give the snowman some character, one can add fairy lights. These lights can be found at Dollar Tree, but Amazon offers a variety of sizes and colors. The lights come with a smaller battery pack that fits discreetly underneath the snowman, making it easy to turn on and off. The finished product is a cute and festive nightlight that is perfect for winter and Christmas time.

Creating Festive Drinks

Preparing the Glasses

To create festive drinks for the holiday season, one can start by preparing the glasses. If using clear glass ornaments, the tops of the ornaments should be removed and a smaller ornament should be glued onto the larger one to create a light-up snowman. To give the snowman a snowy effect, one can use Snow Tex, a fun material that dries quickly and can be applied with a foam paintbrush. Once the snowman is complete, it can be decorated with paint pens, fabric, and fairy lights for a cute and cozy winter decoration.

Filling the Ornaments

Another idea for creating festive drinks is to use glass or plastic ornaments as unique drink containers. To fill the ornaments, a funnel can be used to pour in the desired liquid, such as red cranberry juice for a festive look. Once filled, the ornaments can be tilted to give them a pretty look and placed on top of glasses filled with ice, fresh cranberries, and Rosemary for a pop of green.

Serving the Drinks

To serve the drinks, guests can simply pour the liquid from the ornaments into their glasses. These drinks are not only pretty but also reusable, as the ornaments can be washed and reused for future events. For a cozy and unique touch, one can also create a cup of hot cocoa by painting the inside of a glass mug and adding a clear ornament to create a whipped cream topping with lightweight spackling and puffy paint. Embellishments such as paper straws, faux sprinkles, and holiday stickers can be added to complete the festive look.

Creating a Hot Cocoa Mug

Preparing the Mug

To create a unique and festive hot cocoa mug, one can start by purchasing a clear ornament from Dollar Tree and a glass mug. The inside of the mug can be painted with chalk paint to add some color and variation to the mug. The clear ornament can then be placed upside down inside the mug and secured with hot glue. This will provide structure for the whipped cream topping.

Adding the Ornament

After the clear ornament has been secured inside the mug, a lightweight spackling can be used to create the whipped cream topping. The spackling can be placed in a piping bag with a nozzle tip and piped around the clear ornament to create a fluffy and realistic whipped cream look. Puffy paint can also be used to add drizzle on top of the whipped cream while it’s still wet.

Creating the Whipped Cream

To create the whipped cream topping, one can use lightweight spackling and a piping bag with a nozzle tip. The spackling can be piped around the clear ornament to create a fluffy and realistic whipped cream look. Puffy paint can also be used to add drizzle on top of the whipped cream while it’s still wet.

Adding Embellishments

To add some extra embellishments to the hot cocoa mug, one can use a cut-down paper straw, a little gingerbread man from Hobby Lobby, and faux sprinkles. These embellishments can be randomly placed around the whipped cream topping to give the mug a festive and playful look. A cocoa mug sticker from Hobby Lobby can also be added to the front of the mug for some extra decoration.

Overall, creating a hot cocoa mug with a clear ornament and some creative embellishments can be a fun and easy DIY project for the holiday season. Many of the necessary supplies can be found at Dollar Tree and other affordable retailers.