14 Ways To Use Decoupage Napkins! Projects Under $5

Welcome to my crafting corner! As a busy mom of one daughter, I have found solace in creating unique and beautiful pieces using decoupage napkins. Not only are they affordable, but there are so many uses for them. In this blog post, I will share a video of 14 ways to use decoupage napkins that will transform everyday items into works of art!

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1. Dollar Tree $1 Hang Tag using Bird Napkins
Transform a boring plain tag into something gorgeous by adding a bird napkin design. Hang it on your luggage or purse for an added touch.

2. Dollar Tree $1 Hang Tag using Flower Napkin
If birds aren’t your thing, try out a flower napkin design instead. It’s a simple yet elegant way to dress up anything.

3. Round Blank using Bunny Napkin
For Easter or springtime décor, add some bunny napkins onto blank rounds for a festive touch.

4. Blank Plaque using Tulip Basket Napkin
This tulip basket napkin is perfect for any farmhouse decoration style. Add it onto wood plaques for the ultimate rustic charm.

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5. Wood Plaque using Bunny Napkin
A bunny napKin can also be used as wall art – simply decoupage the design onto wooden plaques and hang it up!

6. Scrap Wood using Bunny Napkin
As someone who loves DIY projects, we all know how much scrap wood piles up around the house; use those scraps as canvas’! Cover them with cute bunny designs and create farm-themed signs.

7. Black Plaque Using Scrapbook Paper
Switch things up by ditching the traditional paper napkins and opting for scrapbook paper! This black plaque shows that anything can be taken from standard to chic!

8. Thrifted Wood Heart using Floral Napkin
Who doesn’t love a good thrift store find?! Pick up a wood heart piece that has seen better days, and give it a delicate touch with floral napkins.

9. Thrifted Wood Block using Floral Napkin
Another thrift store find is wooden blocks, just pic them up if you see in good condition. Using floral napkin designs add a pop of color to make the dull look so lively!

10. Thrifted Guac Wood Block using Floral Napkin
For this tip use a guacamole bowl or tray that is in decent shape and cover it with an intricate floral napkin print for natural beauty.

11. Wood Block using Floral Backing
Makeup love letters, decorate your office space or even create monogrammed letters by decoupaging small wood blocks with pretty prints.

12. Coffee Can using Paris Napkin
Take the recycling bit to another level by transforming coffee cans into elegant French vases/containers using Parisian-themed napkins.

13. Fence Post Using Lavender Napkin
Transform any fence post into an exquisite piece of art by decoupling lavender designs on it – symbolizing peace and harmony!

14. Thrifted Picnic Basket
This project gives shabby chic vibes! start off by searching for a round basket at your nearest flea market then attach rose napkins onto the lid for a unique rustic charm of its own kind.

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Q: Can any type of paper material be used for these projects?

A: It’s best to stick with thin tissue or rice paper napkins that can easily wrap around surfaces without folding over too many bulges; however some thick materials such as cotton fabrics might work if given special attention when adhering onto surface pieces.

Q: Is it necessary to use glue or sealer after completing each project?

A: Yes! Use glue like Mod Podge or any other type of varnish sealer that would protect your finished craft from wear and tear even though most dollar stores come pre-sealed but sealing them yourself ensures longer durability.

Q: How much time is needed to complete each project?

A: for someone that has a good amount of experience with mod podge and crafting supplies, it takes at minimum an hour or two but aesthetics improvements are limitless so you can choose to go above and beyond.

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