12+ Things to Add to Mod Podge for Artful Effects

Get ready to dive into the wonderfully creative world of Mod Podge. In this blog post, we’re going to explore 12+ incredible things that you can mix into your Mod Podge to create artful effects that will make your projects shine!

Whether you’re a busy mom like me, juggling a million things while trying to find time for your passion, or you simply enjoy getting your hands messy with crafting goodness, this post is for you. So, grab your supplies and join me on this artistic adventure where we’ll whisk away the ordinary and unlock the extraordinary.

Let’s get crafty, ladies and gents!

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In this video, Kathy Fillion will be sharing 12 plus ideas for things that you can add to your Mod Podge. She will explore everything from dollar store eyeshadow and glitter to alcohol inks and food coloring, as well as metallic FolkArt paints and seed beads. So, let’s dive right in and get started!

Let’s start by looking at some sample boards. On the sample board, you will see a white space where you can apply the mix-ins.

She has also mod podged down some black and white paper, so you can see what these different techniques would look like over a printed paper design. These techniques are great for altered art, collage work, or if you simply want a cool top coat on a project.

She will be working with glitter and will show you different techniques for getting a light glitter look or a chunky mixed glitter. You can also see what it will look like over different colors. She starts with dollar store eyeshadow, breaking it up and putting it into a mixing cup. She adds some Mod Podge to it and mixes it together.

When applied, it may not show up much when wet, but it will create a shimmer effect when dry. It looks especially vibrant over dark colors. She repeats this process with different shades of eyeshadow.

Next, she moves on to different glitter. She shows a technique of mixing ultra fine glitter, chunky glitter, and bigger-shaped glitter for a unique look. She mixes the glitters with Mod Podge and applies the mixture to the sample board using different brushes.

Depending on the amount of glitter added, it will create different levels of coverage. The glitter looks milky when wet, but when dry, it creates a beautiful shimmer effect. It can be applied over black or printed paper for different effects.

After glitter, she moves on to paint, food coloring, and alcohol inks. She mixes different colors of FolkArt metallic paints with Mod Podge to create a wash effect. This creates a cool antique look over white, and it darkens when dry.

It can also be applied over black or printed paper to create different effects. She then shows a similar technique with food coloring, which provides a light tint when applied wet, but dries brighter. It works best over printed paper.

Finally, she demonstrates the use of alcohol inks, which create a cool wash effect over white, but may not show up as much over black. It works great over printed paper, providing a tinted look.

Finally, she shows how to use different elements like foil, star glitter, and seed beads. The foil can be applied directly or mixed with Mod Podge to create a paste. The foil looks milky when wet, but dries clear, leaving behind a cool metallic effect.

Star glitter can be applied directly or tapped down to create different effects. Seed beads can also be applied directly or mixed with Mod Podge to create a paste. These elements can be used for various projects, such as highlighting trees or creating textured surfaces.

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