11 EASY Thrift Store Upcycles You Can Do TODAY!

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In today’s video, you’ll explore a range of unique thrift store finds transformed into charming home decor.

The adventure begins with an unaltered wood slice covered in epoxy that serves as a beautiful display piece on a kitchen table.

Next, a creative upcycling project involves combining a Bundt pan and a broken screwdriver into a rustic centerpiece, accompanied by a wreath of full greenery.

Additionally, various other thrifty treasures, such as an ornate metal dish and a vintage ceramic container, are revamped into useful household items.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how thrifted finds can be upcycled into stylish home decor.
  • Learn simple and creative ways to repurpose everyday items.
  • Get inspired to turn secondhand goods into personalized treasures.
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Unaltered Wood Slice Find

She found an amazing wood slice covered in epoxy at a thrift store for just $4.99. Thrilled by the deal, she decided it didn’t need any changes.

This wood slice is perfect to display on her kitchen table at the cabin.

The wooden slices she usually sees can get expensive, so finding one at such a low price was exciting.

The piece adds a rustic touch and fits perfectly with her decor.

Bundt Pan and Screwdriver Upcycle

Combining a bundt pan and a broken screwdriver with some E6000 glue can create unique home decor.

The primitive look that comes from this pairing fits nicely into a kitchen or dining area.

For this project, the DIYer used a bundt pan that she already had and an old, broken screwdriver.

Steps to create the upcycle:

  1. Clean both the bundt pan and the screwdriver.
  2. Use E6000 glue to attach the screwdriver to the center of the bundt pan.
  3. Let it dry completely for a secure bond.

To add a finishing touch, a wreath filled with faux greenery was placed inside the bundt pan.

The fit was perfect, and the combined pieces made an eye-catching centerpiece for the kitchen table.

Greenery Wreath Display

A rustic bunt pan and a broken screwdriver were repurposed to create a unique display.

Secured together with E6000 glue, the primitive charm of these combined items stands out.

Adding a wreath with faux greenery to the bunt pan completes this charming tabletop piece, perfect for a cozy cabin kitchen.

Wooden slices for display can be pricey, but at $4.99, this thrift store find was a steal.

The wood slice, coated in epoxy, complements the greenery wreath setup.

The simple yet beautiful arrangement adds a touch of nature and warmth to the living space without needing further embellishment.

An ornate little metal dish, purchased for $2.99, became another creative piece.

Originally, it was coated in durable enamel paint, which made it perfect for practical use without modifications.

By adding a candle lid saved from a broken glass jar, a new use was found for the dish.

Once cleaned up and glued using E6000, this stylish yet functional piece now holds everyday items by the sink, resisting rust due to its sturdy paint.

Ornate Metal Dish Decoration

She found a small metal dish at a thrift store and loved its intricate design.

Priced at only $2.99, it was coated in a strong enamel paint, making it very durable.

Rather than altering the dish, she decided to embellish it.

She had a lid from a broken candle jar in her stash.

She removed its plastic ring, and it fit perfectly into the bottom of the metal dish.

After cleaning off the price tag, she glued the lid and dish together using E6000 adhesive.

Using Pinterest for inspiration, she crafted a practical yet stylish piece.

The finished product now holds her scrub brush by the sink.

The enamel’s durability ensures it won’t rust, making it a functional and attractive addition to her kitchen.

Creative Inspiration from Pinterest

Pinterest is a treasure trove for upcycling ideas.

When stuck on what to do with thrift store finds, many turn to Pinterest for fresh, innovative concepts.

Users often discover projects similar to what they’re working on and get ideas on how to put their own unique twist on them.

Using the platform, people can search for ways to repurpose everyday items.

For instance, an old bunt pan can be transformed into a beautiful centerpiece or a metal dish into a handy sink accessory.

By looking at similar upcycle projects, one can find detailed tutorials and step-by-step guides that make trying new projects less daunting.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Variety of Ideas: From small decor items to larger furniture pieces, Pinterest offers a wide array of possibilities.
  • Visual Guides: The numerous pictures and videos available can help visualize the end product and the steps required.
  • Community Feedback: Users can read comments and tips from others who have tried the same projects, providing valuable insights and advice.

Thrifted Pillow Tassel Update

She found a beautiful pillow at a thrift store, but it was missing one tassel.

Instead of leaving the pillow incomplete, she decided to remove the remaining three tassels.

These tassels are perfect to save for another project.

Pillow After Removing Tassels:

Purchased pillowFound a cozy pillow at a thrift store
Removed tasselsTook off the remaining three tassels
Tassel repurposeSaved tassels for future projects

Once the extra tassels were off, the pillow had a clean, cozy look that fit perfectly into her living room decor.

The pillow was washed thoroughly before being placed in the living area, ready to be enjoyed in front of the fireplace.

This update gave the pillow a fresh look, and the tassels can be creatively used for other crafts later.

She loves how the simple change gave the pillow new life and a fitting place in her home decor.

The thrifty find was both cost-effective and creatively satisfying.

DIY Beeswax Candle Making

To start, they melted down leftover beeswax in a tin can with a pinched edge to ensure a smooth pour.

They used low heat, around a setting of three, to avoid burning the wax. It took about 10 to 15 minutes for the wax to completely melt.

For the wick, they chose wooden wicks, placing one at the bottom of a vintage ceramic stoneware piece.

This selection process is important to ensure the vessel can endure the heat from the burning candle.

Once the beeswax was melted, they carefully poured it into the stoneware, making sure to do it slowly to avoid spills.

After allowing the wax to set, they trimmed the wick to the desired length.

This simple, yet elegant beeswax candle made a perfect gift and could be reused in the kitchen after the candle burned out.

Materials Needed:

  • Beeswax
  • Tin can (with one edge pinched)
  • Vintage ceramic stoneware
  • Wooden wick


  1. Melt beeswax on low heat in a tin can.
  2. Place the wick in the stoneware.
  3. Pour melted wax into the container slowly.
  4. Trim the wick after wax sets.

Handmade Pottery Mug Addition

She came across a beautiful handmade pottery coffee mug at the thrift store.

The mug featured lovely colors and immediately caught her attention, prompting her to add it to her cart right away.

Priced at just $3.99, it was a vintage item, likely from the 1970s, and in great condition.

To repurpose this unique find, she decided to transform it into a cell phone charging station.

The first step was to drill two holes on the sides of the mug to allow the charging cords to go through easily.

The project didn’t require much work, yet it was a great way to breathe new life into a vintage piece.

This handmade pottery mug wasn’t just a decorative item; it became a practical and stylish accessory for keeping devices charged and organized.

Vintage Cell Phone Charging Station

A delightful find from the thrift store, this vintage handmade pottery coffee mug from the 70s is in excellent condition and perfect for a unique project.

For just $3.99, this mug can be transformed into a stylish cell phone charging station.

The process involves drilling two holes on the side of the mug for the cords.

This modification is simple and allows users to feed charging cables through the holes, keeping everything neat and organized.

Here are the materials and steps for this project:


  • Vintage pottery coffee mug
  • Drill with a ceramic bit
  • Charging cords


  1. Mark the Spots: Choose the sides where you want the holes to be and mark the spots with a pencil.
  2. Drill the Holes: Carefully drill two holes on the sides of the mug using a ceramic bit.
  3. Thread the Cords: Insert the charging cords through the holes.

Note: When drilling, ensure the pottery can handle the pressure to avoid cracks.

This charging station not only adds charm to any desk or bedside table but also keeps charging devices stylishly managed.

Enhanced Wicker Tray with Wooden Feet

When seeking to upgrade a standard wicker tray, adding wooden feet can provide a simple yet elegant touch.

In the search for the perfect wooden feet, thrift stores often prove to be fruitful, especially in the toy section where small wooden blocks can be repurposed.

Materials Needed:

  • Wicker tray
  • Four small wooden blocks
  • E6000 adhesive
  • Hot glue
  • White homemade chalk paint
  • Polyacrylic spray

The first step is to sand off any graphics or paint from the wooden blocks. This creates a smooth surface for attaching them to the tray.

Tip: Using both E6000 adhesive and hot glue ensures a stronger bond. Apply the glue carefully, avoiding mixing the two.

Once the glue has dried, apply a couple of coats of white chalk paint to both the base and the top of the tray.

If the tray has any scratches or old, dingy paint, this will cover them up nicely.

After the paint is completely dry, a coat of polyacrylic spray will seal the surface and give it a polished look.

This small alteration elevates the tray both literally and aesthetically, giving it a more sophisticated appearance.

Such an enhanced tray found at a thrift store, priced at $7.99, can seamlessly fit into any home decor.

Vase Revamp with Matte Black Spray Paint

To transform a dated blue vase into a chic decor piece, all it took was a simple can of matte black spray paint.

This quick and easy makeover made the vase fit perfectly with the other decor at the cabin.

To make spray painting easier, using a lazy Susan or a cake decorating tray can help.

These allow the vase to be turned smoothly, ensuring an even coat of paint.

It’s a handy trick to have these in various sizes in a craft room.

After the paint dried, the vase was updated with some moss at the bottom and a ceramic pot filled with faux ivy.

This simple yet elegant touch breathed new life into the vase, aligning it beautifully with the cabin’s decor theme.

The result was a sophisticated, stylish piece that seamlessly blended in and enhanced the overall look of the space.

Handmade Tiered Tray Transformation

Finding this handmade tiered tray for just $7.99 was such a steal, despite its outdated varnish.

Stripping off the varnish was the first challenge.

Using Circa 1850 stripper, it was applied all over the tray with a chip brush.

Truth be told, reaching the inside of the bowls was tough, requiring a lot of patience and perseverance.

After applying the stripper and letting it sit under a plastic bag for about 20 minutes, the varnish began to loosen.

It appeared that the tray had multiple thick layers, resembling a heavy lacquer.

The process involved several rounds of applying the stripper, covering it with a bag, and scrubbing off the loosened varnish layer by layer.

After three rounds, most of the varnish was removed, though some remained.

Switching to 80-grit sandpaper, the work continued until the tray was finally free of the old coat.

The goal was to achieve a beachy, sun-bleached driftwood finish, transforming the dated piece into a beautiful, modern addition.

It took time, effort, and a bit of elbow grease, but the end result was definitely worth it.